Egoists do not meet, they collide with each other.

He hasn't appeared yet.

She kept a rabbit.

It looks like Laurie is really enjoying himself.

I promise that I'll take care of Ernst.

How does the matter stand?

Do we really have to do this?

I told Kate how proud I was of him.

I like her, but she doesn't like me.

The good news is that we can get in free.


There's no one here.

Srinivas lied about his weight.

It's been almost 3 weeks since I got back to the States.


You need to pay closer attention.

All human beings have brains.

Just because you can't see ghosts, it doesn't mean that they're not there.

The pupils loved that joke.

Jordan used to work with Sandeep.

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I am not in a situation to discuss this problem.

I'm here if you need anything.

That's just what he needs.

Hiromi decided to risk bungee-jumping, even though he was scared.

It wasn't supposed to be this way.

I can't tell what it is.

Children learn by watching what adults around them do.

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They had long wished to see him.


How long has he lived in London?


Today, you might get arrested.

I'm back from a two month long trip to the states, away from my girlfriend, so she's gonna get a ride tonight.

I live in a flat.


The school has turned out many inventors.

Hiroyuki wants to learn French.

The stocks fell in value overnight.

Casey made it clear that he didn't want to help us.

You didn't bring your guitar, did you?

I'd like a window seat.

She took her time.

Mother told me to mow the lawn.

Randy spent a lot of money last weekend.

It's nice to feel needed.

Traffic has been halted.


There's no cure.


Dan had been dead about six days.


I'm afraid Ian will tell everyone all our secrets.

He's fed up with socializing.

Tell me; who is this young man?

I would like to go with you.

Case really yelled at me.

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What exactly did you have in mind?

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I've always wanted to meet her.

He suddenly rose from the chair.

I know that I do not know.

Do you like that?

I swear that's all I want.

Spying on gangsters was a dangerous venture.

I'll always remember your advice.

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Bell lived in London, right?

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Blaine and Olaf had to cancel their trip to Australia.

What should we do with people who are very sick or hurt and can't get better?

The paper wasn't important.

She is only a child.

I wish I could talk to Guy.


They want to speak to you.

As I see it, that is the best way.

There'll be a new moon next week.


You're lucky you're so small.


Rich's parents told me that he would be going to Harvard.

I like the teacher.

I know who likes Sachiko.

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I'd like to speak with my lawyer.

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This rule applies to you as well.


The sun had hidden itself behind a mountain.

Jess plans to go skiing with Holly.

I'll be around back.

Compact discs have entirely taken the place of phonograph records.

It's no problem.

The traffic's congested.

I couldn't help falling in love with you.


Don't touch me with your soapy hands.

Suyog can't play tennis very well.

We will get to Tokyo Station at noon.

I think Kriton might be involved in what happened.

What if the problem isn't Kathleen?

His opinion is always of no use.

Time is running short now.

I said that I would help him.

See you tonight, then. Cheers!


The Air Force has the control of the airspace.

The editor glanced over the manuscript.

Where is the beach?

You have a nice laugh.

That's where I want to go.

You cannot take pictures in the theater without permission.

I was never told that I needed a visa.


Her composition was free from mistakes.

I'm looking for her right now.

I can on no condition forgive her.


Everyone should periodically receive a physical examination.


I have an acute pain here.

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I am Wang Wei.

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We don't want to hurt you.

So how do you propose we rectify the situation at hand?

I only like to drink cold drinks.

We knew Takao was there.

I can't believe you let Dimetry win.

That gradually became his habit.

Write the date of your birth.


His car looks as good as new.

Stewart has lived in Boston for the last three years.

There was a cherry tree growing in the garden.

The Smiths moved to Ohio.

I am off duty today.

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Letters are delivered every day.

I don't know if I can do that.

She's there then! She's sleeping, she's dreaming, she's thinking about me maybe...

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Did you see anyone suspicious?


Kees is going to be really disappointed, isn't he?

There isn't a single thing here that isn't spicy.

You have to settle down and study for the history test.

He ate a box of chocolates.

Mike, is this your book?


Doesn't that bother you?

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There's a woman in a wheelchair wanting to talk to you.

It is hard to master it in a year or two.

I am not afraid of dying due to old age.

The well is in the middle of this plaza.

They called the same witness to court.


The gardener planted a rose tree in the middle of the garden.

You like doing that, don't you?

The answer to this question is wrong.

He doesn't know where he should be.

I've never played music professionally.


Try as hard as possible to stay away from shady characters!


This is the only book I have.

I have nothing else to say.

Can you prove the existence of garbagemen?

What was Maurice called?

It wasn't a crime.

I was convinced that he was guilty.

My opinion is completely different from yours.

You're a complete misanthrope.

I did it all by myself.

That does make me feel better.

Let's make sure nothing is wasted.

I'm not as happy now.

I need more examples to understand how the word is used.

She's an ungrateful child.

Is there a bank nearby here?

He broke his arm and they had to put splints on it.

Do what your mother says.

The glass crashed to the ground.

Do abbots mow hay? Never do abbots mow hay! Abbots pray.

Do you know how to contact me?

How long did Glen say he planned to stay with us?

Is this an actress?

His request was as follows.


Alf and I have an understanding.

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I know a man who speaks Latin.

Piotr took his place at head of the table.

Nils is deceitful.

Don't let him drink this juice.

Milo is starting to panic.