Hawaii Day 7 – Waikiki Urgent Care?

Morning came and Sara still did not feel well, in fact it was worse.  First order of business was food prior to heading over to Waikiki urgent care.  We checked her in as soon as they opened and didn’t have to wait long before she was called in.  While I was waiting in the waiting room I saw a happy chair picture on a magazine cover. (425) 287-3726

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Hawaii Day 6 – Waikiki Aquarium

This morning Sara woke up and wasn’t feeling good. We aren’t sure what it is yet, maybe something from her antibiotics or maybe from the heat. I headed out to the ABC to grab some snacks and some possible medical supplies to see if we could curb the reaction.

After breakfast/lunch we headed on over to the Waikiki Aquarium 🙂 nothing but photos/videos after the break:

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Slow start today but hey its vacation we can do whatever, whenever we want! After breakfast it was determined that we would head to the Byodo-In Temple in the Valley of the Temples Memorial Park.  For you Lost fans, this temple showed up in Season 1 Episodes 6 and 23, as well as Season 5 Episode 16.  Past the break will you’ll find video and images of the trip:



‘Nother beautiful non-Oregon non rainy day sorry for all you’s back at home (yea not really sorry). After some random and non-commital discussions about where to go we decided on heading down to Pearl Harbor today as it is monday and well should have been a slower tourist day at any of the ‘big touristy’ spots. Well we were wrong lol, at least it wasn’t terribly busy.
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