When Doerre Construction sits down with a client at the outset of a project,  the first thing we do is set our compass heading for the Grand Opening.  This is not just for the day of the ribbon cutting, but as a commitment  to have—at every stage of the process—excitement, energy, and a company wide passion to exceed expectations. Next, we open our tool kit  of proactive knowledge to start predicting problems before they come up.  We do that through a combination of listening, asking questions, teamwork,  and integrity. When you partner with Doerre, you can depend on us for real-world solutions and a fierce dedication to accountability, transparency,  and doing what’s right. At Doerre, the Grand Opening isn’t a day, it’s an  experience, one that evokes a feeling of great pride shared by company,  crew, and customers.

We invite you to learn more about Doerre Construction and all we do to “Create Grand Openings”

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They have never pushed away on key issues. When an issue arises, they determine how to solve the problem and resolve the matter. Doerre is in it for the long run. — Scott Clark – Scott Clark Toyota and AMSI
The difference with Doerre is their willingness to invest up front and the knowledge they bring to construction planning and management. — Brad Murr - Merrifield Patrick Vermillon
Doerre is a proactive partner who in 20 years of doing business with us has issued only a handful of change orders. — Dave Parsons - AAA Carolinas
We choose to do business with Doerre because they are more thorough and effective with their analysis and preparation, have project management, and are effective in meeting our design-build requirements. — Geoff Kase - Patriot Conti Charlotte
We can rely upon Doerre and can focus our resources on other tasks. We have great trust and confidence, because they care about what things cost and getting things right. — Brad Murr - Merrifield Patrick Vermillon
With Doerre we know we can expect it to be done on time, fairly priced, with no surprises. — Dave Parsons - AAA Carolinas
We think of Doerre as a very dependable contractor who we can call whether it is troubleshooting or a question of expansion. Doerre has been there for us as we have grown our business. — David Riehl - DentalOne Partners, Inc.
Doerre can be counted on for honesty, integrity, and quality. This is what I get from them each and every project. — Scott Clark – Scott Clark Toyota and AMSI