"Is It Really Possible To 
"Rewind" Your Partner's Feelings
And Bring Back The Passionate
Loving Relationship You Crave?"

"The One Big LIE About Breakups..."

Most 'professional' advice on how to get your ex back relies on having 'no contact' for a long period of time, usually no less than 30 days...  and during that time,  you work on improving yourself.

Well, there's two major problems with that. 

And if you've tried that in the past, you probably already know, it's damn near IMPOSSIBLE to focus on improving yourself when all you can think about is the person you love and miss so much.

And whats even worse, is the lack of CONTROL you have over the situation.  Trust me, I know this from experience.  Yup. I learned it the HARD WAY.

When I went through a breakup with the person I loved, I tried having 'no contact' with my ex.  Guess what happened... She thought I wasn't interested, so she went out with her girlfriends, and MET ANOTHER GUY.

So please, even if you think there's a CHANCE your partner might be THE ONE, or at least someone important in your life, then you owe it to yourself to read this page.

The Shocking Discovery That Helped
Me Get MY Ex Back... For GOOD

The problem with most advice on how to get your ex back is that it attempts to be a 'one size fits all' solution

And it ends up not being advice at all...

Because if somone REALLY had a solution, there's no way in HECK anyone would ever suggest having 'no contact' with the person you love and care about.

Because if the professinals had a REAL solution, they would tell you exactly what to say so you could call up your partner immediately, BEFORE they got involved with someone else, complicating the whole damn situation.

Well unfortunately, there IS no magic line that can get your partner back. You see, what I've discovered after going through many breakups (unneccesarily) is that every breakup... and I mean EVERY breakup -- no matter if it was a 7 year relationship or a week of fleeting romance...  The breakup will go through the same 4 stages, in the same order, every time.

Here they are:
1. Bliss
2. The Switch
3. Drift
4. Death's Door

So let's talk about the specific stages...

At First, You Were In Bliss
And Everything Was Smooth Sailing...

Bliss is great.

Its not the length of time, the thing that makes bliss different is it's the only stage that creates emotional mirroring

Emotional mirroring is created by cells called 'mirror neurons' in the brain.

These neurons allow humans to 'mirror' or 'match' the emotions and feelings of the person you are in a relationship with.

If you move in for a kiss, your partner will kiss you passionately.

If you tell your partner 'i love you' they will say 'i love you too', and if you know without a shadow of a doubt your partner is THE ONE, this same feeling and intention will be reflected back to you... And they will never leave you...

And as a result, this emotional mirroring causes something called 'bliss blindness'.

Your partner will completely ignore things that would otherwise be obstacles to the relationship.  Things like your physical type, long distance, and criticism from family and friends.

They say love is blind, but bliss owns the mind.

Sounds great right?  Well if you can stay in Bliss, sure.  It's perfect.

The problem happens, though when you do something (most likely by accident) that causes your partner to QUESTION their feelings for you...

Then You Noticed A Major 
Change In Your Lover's Behavior...

It may happen suddenly, over the course of a few days, or in some cases, the transition could have taken much longer.

Either way, you did something that caused your lover to go into a state of uncertainty...  It might have felt like you were being 'tested' because your lover was no longer sure about you.

This stage is called "The Switch".  And when your relationship decays to this stage, your partner loses the 'Bliss Blindness', and becomes much more critical of your imperfections.

Things that used to be cute or sweet have now become a turn-off to your partner.

In BLISS, your partner would prefer to spend time with you... In the switch your partner would rather work, study or go out with their friends instead...

In Bliss your partner would return your calls and text you back right away... In the switch your partner takes much longer... and the responses are shorter and unemotional.

In Bliss your partner would enjoy deep kissing and passionate affection... Once your relationship into the switch stage, your partner might seem to avoid affection...  

And it seems like the harder you try, the more distant your partner becomes.  

What used to make your partner laugh, now turns them off.  The things you once enjoyed, are no longer interesting to them.

That's why most people NEVER get their ex back... Even if you show them how much you truly care...

And it's not because sharing your feelings is bad... 

It's because...

What Your Lover Wants Will CHANGE
When They're In A Different STAGE!

And when I realized this, it was like a light bulb went off in my mind... 

NO WONDER why the 'one size fits all' techniques for getting your ex back DON'T WORK.

When your relationship goes into another stage of the breakup, their wants and desires will CHANGE.  

That's why the first step and KEY to getting your partner back is to figure out which stage your partner is in.  

Once you figure out the stage, you'll know which button 'rewinds' the relationship.

In other words, you'll know which method to use to make contact (i.e. a phone call, a text message, or maybe a written letter) and you'll know which words will make your partner miss you again.

Listen. Relationship Rewind is not a magic trick. It's a simple plan you follow based on the current stage of your relationship.  

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