I don't see a problem with this.

Clem doesn't respect us.

I want you to call Liber now.

Your honor, I would like to discharge counsel.

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He was arrested because he stole the money.

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Geoffrey's hair is turning gray.

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He entered the university after failing the examination twice.


It's about time we brought this party to an end, isn't it?


Are you still looking for him?

Tony jogs once or twice a year.

I know it means a lot to him.

Daniel talked Raman into inviting John to the party.

Saumya can't be sick.

I need solid proof.

He never lets his beliefs get in the way of his duty.

Her explanation of the problem added up to nonsense.

I'm not a coward, but I'm not stupid either.

Such things can happen from time to time.

The fire caused extensive damage.

She arrived just as I was leaving.

I think that what you need now is some sleep.

The audience was very quiet.

Do you know where Matthias's staying?

I need my bag.

Thank you for asking me, but maybe next time.


Where is the nearest supermarket?

I caught sight of him escaping from that shop.

In the German language there are many long words.

Randy left me the keys.

Claudia laid the racket on the ground.


I'll give him the letter.

Gerard usually uses credit cards instead of cash.

I'm sure that Bert made that story up.

Is that peanut butter?

You don't like it?


Nothing is pleasant in life.

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There are fifty stars in the American flag.

Today is a cloudy day.

We need you to do your job.

Tomas asked if he was invited.

Matthieu found himself at the emergency room.

Can I help you gentlemen?

We should pay Lance more.

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I'll make sure.


Please find me my overcoat.

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This is your handbag.

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I wish that my parents hadn't told me that I was an accident.

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That didn't use to happen.

That's part of the fun.

All children in the PRC learn the Roman alphabet for phonemic pinyin.

In Japan you tend to use your personal seal, but actually a signature would often suffice.

He has a new car and an old car.

Piete wouldn't come.

I booked a seat.

Are you saying you intentionally hide your good looks?

He speaks French as well as English.


Are you allergic to peanuts?


What did you tell him about it?


We've been busy.


If this happens again, call me.


He said his father was ill, which was a lie.

You smoke too much. You should cut back.

Patricia blew his head off with a shotgun.

My ideas are always great.

They let him tell the story.


The idea is of paramount importance.

It seems we have quite a few problems.

I was a fool to believe every word you said.

Dieter can't win.

After 2013, Murat lived and worked in Boston.

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I'll be back at 6:30.


What a marvelous idea!

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We don't have to tell Mariou everything.

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Have you made progress in your studies?

Tanya told me he was hoping to get into Harvard.

I like music better than sports.

You have a secret admirer.

I met him just now.

I'm certain that he will live to be ninety.

What Neville did was pretty stupid.

Is anyone else going?

I have lost my pen.


I know you want answers.

Subra couldn't come because he was busy.

Do you think I should tell them?

Never assume that.

I wouldn't want to disappoint you.

That job paid well.

The windows are open.

This book will be printed next year.

That guy cannot handle his liquor.

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What's your favorite episode from season two?


We insisted on rich and poor being treated alike.

Time seemed to stop.

Vicki didn't even bother replying.

Post this letter for me!

She had a very unhappy affair.


I want to find out what happens next!

Brett didn't mean to hurt anybody.

I hope to see you.

Disneyland was established in 1955.

I like strawberry ice cream.

He repeated in public what I had said.

I said that wrong.


The line is busy.

"Where am I?" "In the darkest prison in Koridai." "How long was I out?" "Two hours."

Would you be happier if I stayed?


The Prime Minister is feeling the heat over his statement.

Stewart will be overjoyed.

Christopher Columbus demanded that an entire "Columbus Week" be set aside to celebrate his glory, but in the end only got a day, and only in the United States.

You must read this book.

Once you get used to electronic media, you can no longer do without them.


Instead of waiting for Ragnar, let's eat now before the food gets cold.

A sound mind dwells in a sound body.

They weren't much help.

Her head was grey.

In many respects, women and men are totally different.

Mayuko wiped a table with a cloth.

I'm sure Herve will be home soon.


You're making a serious mistake.

Sandra felt a cold coming on.

A cargo vessel, bound for Athens, sank in the Mediterranean without a trace.

I had no idea what time I was supposed to be there.

How did you get to be a cop?

These tools are barely used at all.

No one spoke.

I think she was planning to go visit her mother in the hospital.

Carter knows a man who speaks French.

They're after us.

Werner walked quickly down the street.


The greater part of the guests were foreigners.

Forest conservation is an important issue all over the world.

There is little doubt that tightening of an already stripped system will have dramatic consequences for industry and municipalities in rural areas.

Let me stay with him just five more minutes.

Louis applied for asylum.

Read the message once more.

I'm just thinking out loud.

I come home at 2:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

You're wasting your time.

Anyone who has made a promise should keep it.

Leave me out of this!


He was dutiful.


We painted the door green.


The war is draining our economy.


Don't you think it's weird?


I couldn't speak French.

I'm busy today, otherwise I would accept.

Let him buy the next beer.


Why didn't you tell me you were Canadian?


I'll keep it a secret.

Try the cake.

We came to a turn in the road.

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I'll save you a piece of cake.

I have three cousins.

He has to work on his own.

How are you getting along with your study?

Norman's family is rich.

I was in Boston most of last summer.

Abandon ship.