Mustafa Kemal Ataturk proclaimed the Turkish Republic in 1922.

You'd better get Cyrus ready to go to school.

You may choose what to eat from this list.

From this standpoint history can be divided into two main epochs.


She is beside herself with rage.

I was miffed at her attitude.

Eugene's daughter was murdered.


Haven't you decided yet?

Why shouldn't I do it?

Mick chose a song from the list and began singing it.


You look on top of the world every morning.

My wife had a baby last week.

Coleen has been thinking.


Can you eat this?

The only place Angus hadn't looked was in the basement.

He always drinks black coffee.

May it only depend on that!

Hey, here's a thought.

Once you've picked up a stone that you like, take it home as soon as you can and treat it well, because that's the only stone you've got.

We must warn them.


I know! And let me also say that Keiko is a SECOND cousin of mine.


Where are we eating tonight?

I make thirteen dollars an hour.

I would like that kind.

Who knows when Pascal's birthday is?

I hit him in the stomach.


Susie lent me two books, neither of which I have read as yet.

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To the man who only has a hammer in the toolkit, every problem looks like a nail.

There is only one way to be sure.

Can I have some water?

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Cosby's argument concerns the reliability of the Hette Manuscript.

We didn't kiss.

Almost all German universities are public.

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There's only one place Claire could've gone.

The bus will have started before we get there.

I envied him his new house.

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I'm not here to cause trouble.


I'd like your report as soon as possible.

I put my suitcase down.

That's all that matters now.


They refused to help us.

I'd like to meet them someday.

How much is it including insurance and tax?

Who's your favorite Korean musician?

I must have lost it.


Why is that baby crying?

You shouldn't even be here.

You built it, didn't you?

Lincoln was not well-known.

Are you going to the prom with anyone?

That's a horrifying thought.

Nobody reads about my country.

We sang in a choir when we were kids.

I know who you were with.

The college accepted him as a student.

I don't think anybody can help me anymore.


We want what's best for them.


She started talking as soon as she got through.

They took a sample of my blood at the hospital.

I'd like you to ride with us.

All his sentences are short.

Why didn't you tell them this?


I think you might need to learn how to drive.

I can't believe Joel would do that to Marcia.

We will take these matters up one by one.

I was thrown out of the house with everything I owned.

Giles couldn't hide his frustration.

I just hope Tony is OK.

I never hit her.

What did she look like?

They offered Alvin a gift.

The house is said to be haunted.

I'm going to try to talk to Edward about this.

Don't shoot. I'm one of the good guys.

You won everything!


Stop your grumbling and get the work out of the way.


I have a telephone.


Tell me why you didn't ask him.


I could barely contain my indignation at her impudence.

Why did you get so angry?

I wonder if Shahid's parents will allow him to go with us.

What were you guys doing while Nichael was chopping wood?

Dinner is served.

The first thing you hate in the special forces is yourself.

"You don't really love me at all. You only care about your math stuff!" "Not at all, I do love you!" "Prove it!" "Okay. Let A be the set of the objects I love..."


I must find out who is behind this.

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What's it worth to you?


If I were you, I would propose to her.

The next morning I woke to see the fruit trees in bloom underneath my window.

I tried to warn you that Sanity was looking for you.


It was a very good experience for him.

I'm sorry it worked out this way.

Should I go talk to them?


He is in a sense a representative of his company.

The guide led us to the hotel.

Greg is sound asleep in bed.

I'm very embarrassed.

This is impossible for me.

We have to figure out how much it's going to cost us.

Where are you sitting now?

I know how to tell a duck from a goose.

I want nothing to do with them.

He is older than she is by three years.

Marilyn isn't going to help, is he?

Does he come here every week?

I prefer the mountains to the ocean.

He fell into the cesspool and got covered from head to toe.

Does it bother you if I light up a cigarette?


It is said that she is an expert in skiing.

I have patients who need me.

The bulbs will need changing soon.

Do you think I talk too much?

Where can I park this truck?

I've been blessed.

I didn't catch the sentence.

I lost 30 pounds.

I've got two hours to finish writing this report.

Thanks, you're fantastic!

Let's meet on Tuesday.

Ilya didn't want to tell Teresa how old he was.

It looks like someone is waving a white flag.

George Bush is the forty-first president of America.

I'm still a kid.

It is correct to say that psychological readiness is important in this therapy.

I think I'll go over to Ami's this afternoon.

Her explanation was to the point.

Mara bought Terrance some flowers.

The meeting hasn't started yet.

We don't have a thing to worry about.

Where, on a bright autumn morning, there were sounds of music and laughter, and where two girls danced merrily together on the grass, while some half-dozen peasant women standing on ladders, gathering the apples from the trees, stopped in their work to look down, and share their enjoyment.

Many of the people died.

The article is nowhere to be had.

You're terrifying.

If John had come, I wouldn't have had to.

Per has made some mistakes.

The child kept at her mother for some money.

Michael is a creep.

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Our children are the same age, same gender and same height. They are twins.

Please move quickly.

I haven't had much sleep.

Take turns.

Did I say something funny?

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Have you ever gone to Boston?

Could there be a connection?

I'm going to shoot them.

Dan befriended one of the waitresses.

Rodent likes to eat spoonfuls of peanut butter right out of the jar.

They are not illiterate in the sense that they can not read or write at all.

Why can't I love them both?

Maybe they will go back on their decision about this subject of divorce.

I'm not talking about him.

How often do you stay up past 1:00am?

Can I rely on you?

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You should check it out.


What's wrong with the way I did that?

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There's nowhere to hide.


Many rivers have been so polluted that they can no longer be used for drinking water.

Where should we go next weekend?

I've told Tuna everything I've told you.

Bradley left his passport at home.

The movie was really scary.

Doing wrong is worse than being wronged.

Visiting your country has been a dream I have had for a long time.

We're going to eat right now.

This is our favorite dinner.

Carter sat on the grass under a coconut tree.

Where's Donovan been all this time?