What is the seating capacity of the type of aircraft M80?

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I'm getting on the bus.

I just got a call from Barrio.

I know exactly what to do.


This isn't a good place to pitch a tent.


I'm going bald.

A man named Carlos came to a mountain village looking for that old man.

The wind died away.

Can I get your advice on something?

Did you write anything in your diary today?


They aren't happy to see you.

Is that as fast as you can go?

Actually, we don't have a choice.

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I love summer rain.

I don't know how many minutes we've got.

Don't pull it. Push it open.

What the hell is that?

The Old Testament forbids eating shellfish.

Leon ran all the way home.

We have to save The.

I had no idea it'd be this beautiful.

What has become of my old house where I used to live?

I know it was strange.

The whole audience got up and started to applaud.

It's not as hot today as it was yesterday.

You can't step into the same river twice.

Wait here a second, OK?

Spy is not being careful.

I go to school by bicycle.

Pieter handed an envelope to George.

I'm not trying to make excuses.

A unanimous agreement is needed.

What a mess you look!

The daughters knit.

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I'm an old friend of Sir's father.

Marie offered me a cup of coffee.

He took a deep breath.

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Your mother is in critical condition.

Do you understand what Milo is saying?

Kyu says he can't find his hat.

I also think that someone is sure to use it for selfish and not purely altruistic ends.

This might prove useful.

Good water for Tibet is good water for the world.

Copyright tip #1: Copyright protects the particular way authors have expressed themselves. It does not extend to any ideas, systems, or factual information conveyed in a work.

He touched me.

You are asking about something that is the reason for something happening in the future, and/or a usage. What is that reason, and is it for something happening in the future, a usage, or both?

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Himawan thought he was cute, but she was too shy to say anything.

I just echoed his opinion.

The GNP has been growing at a snail's pace.

I wonder whose idea this was.

You don't necessarily have to go.

Deirdre plays in a band and she's the lead singer.

I like to give a little charity each year.

This is driving me crazy.

I'm afraid I won't be able to make myself understand in French.

Nikolai saw a rat in the subway.

My brother's an authority on philosophy.

Is there anyone that you like right now?

Tell them to stop worrying.

When it got dark, the party organizer said: "Time to go".

I am surer that I do not want to marry you.

Going home last night, I saw her again.

Fuzzy logic maps a spectrum of logical states onto the unit interval, which may then be divided into regions by fuzzy hedges.

Masanobu was jailed on trumped-up charges.

I did it so good that I came out in the newspapers.


Give Daddy a kiss.

That's torn it!

He sat on the bank.

I know how to make you talk.

It takes 310 Earth years for Makemake to make one orbit around the Sun.

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Wait a second. My shoe is untied.

No one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens but its lowest ones.

Stop complaining and obey!

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Kriton banged his head.


He has more money than he can use.

He who sleeps with dogs gets up with fleas.

Lester could hardly wait to hear the news.

He has a tendency toward exaggeration.

I know several good places to eat.

Jesus Christ converted to Buddhism.

I used to dream about you.

He is only too pleased to be advised by a woman.

How long did Charleen work yesterday?

She gave him a sweater on his birthday.

All her friends live in England.

Old told Franklin where to put her suitcase.

The heart must be in harmony and calm; only then does it find joy.

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Aren't you being very rude?

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Sometimes I can't help myself.

I'm next.

When was the last time you had a boyfriend?

Sarah spent the better part of the day writing an article for a local magazine.

That was mine.

As is often the case with her, she was late for the meeting this afternoon.

We wish you this one thing: peace.


In this legal system, corporal punishment is imposed on adult men only.

Mah, you've disappointed me.

Baby birds generally can't take to the air until they are several weeks old.

Eduardo skated very well.

The snow-capped mountains of Tahoe see frequent tourism.

She is bubbling over with happiness.

Put it on speaker phone.

We found the stray dog and decided to keep it.

This is what I wanted.

Bea missed the exit.

Alice felt something hard melt in her heart.

Even a little boy knows this.

Well, it happens.

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Who is the manager of that baseball team?

We have a few questions concerning Norman's options.

Van did what Allen asked him to do.


He stood ankle-deep in the water.

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Don't make fun of that child.


I'm glad I've finally caught you.


Everybody's upstairs.

So Milner, what do you think?

It doesn't have to end like this.

Adrian put on a coat.

I'm the leader here.

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I'm going to go on the blind date Friday evening.


Rees composed a sonnet.

I don't know why Joel didn't do it.

She has no glasses.

I'm afraid to be alone.

Martha and Ian talked for hours.

You are going wrong direction.

Have you ever visited your sister?

I don't want to be alone all my life.

We've got to fix it.


Well, you may be right.

When I was in Salem, I would often play tennis with John.

I've got to stop eating such sweet ice cream.

Did I wake you guys?

How does one get to the bus stop?

This is all I can read.

They asked for his advice.

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It's unlike him to get so angry.

She saw a cartoon.

Why doesn't he tell them?

Mnemonics can really help when trying to memorise facts.

I'm 19.

I preferred to write in English.

This boy is very good at using the knife and fork.

I could neither see nor hear the speaker.

Someone stole Johnny's guitar.


Sandy said he had a knife.

Do you sell French newspapers?

Just tell me what Annie's got to do with this?

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We've done some very good things.

Let's be aggressive.

So, what should I tell her?

We've been through three wars.

Nobody knew how dangerous Kenn was.


I don't mind helping you clean up after the party.

I love her none the less for her faults.

She was in trouble because she lost her passport.

Takeda holds a 3th dan in "kendo", a 2th dan in "iaido".

Jeanne walked past me without saying anything.

How do you want me to fix this phone without knowing what's wrong with it?

Jef said he didn't know why Lui was absent.

I'll work with you.

Who baked this cake?

I don't want you to go back.

She arrived home two and a half days later.

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In the temple courts he found men selling cattle, sheep and doves, and others sitting at tables.


I wanted a jacket.

It is said that he studied law when he was young.

I know better than to do a thing like that.

I hate the way the water tastes here.

Please give me a cup of milk.