He who only has a hammer in his toolbox sees all problems as nails.

My wishes for your father's rapid recovery.


Do you have news for me?

Louiqa reluctantly signed the papers.

Foreign accent syndrome is an as-yet unexplained medical condition where the patient can no longer pronounce his mother tongue correctly and seems to have a foreign accent.

He accepted his appointment as chairman.

Sometimes machines can make an unconscious person breathe for years.


She was impatient to see her family.

Diane was able to buy almost everything on his shopping list.

Lend me something with which to cut the string.

You need to do better.

I thought it was hilarious.

I'll get the door.

The telephone can be a nuisance.

Murthy went outside to see what Ranjit was doing.

I might as well do it now.

The police were intent on stopping the criminal.

The burier and the buried go the same way.

They're having a social at the church tonight.

Shannon will be here in five minutes.


What am I being arrested for?

I hardly think so.

Hazel was dirty and stank to high heaven.

Did anyone tell you?

I've already told you all you need to know about that.

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Please help yourself to the pizza.

Beads of sweat stood on his forehead.

That rule applied to everybody.

Pitawas used to go to school with Kieran.

You were just acting?

If you were me, what would you do?

He bought a lot of flour and oil.


The prisoner was pardoned by the governor.

Do you have the key to this room?

I see some fishing boats on the horizon.

I worried about Jeff's health.

She has husband and two daughters.

List was obviously happy to see Major.

He has dishonored the family.

There's one other thing we need to buy.

The debate continues into the 1980s and 1990s.

He received a large sum in insurance benefit.

Blood trickled from his wound.

There will be no mercy!

I never thought I would do that.

Give me a dozen oranges.

Recently, I moved to a new apartment.


Mark didn't even bother knocking on the door.

Where were you boys yesterday?

Left to itself, the baby cried itself to sleep.

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Craig doesn't have to be at the meeting this afternoon.

Did you ever date them?

Why are you constantly changing flags?

Barrio and Rand are playing chess.

Gerard is in bed with the flu.

He and his sisters are currently living in Tokyo.

Afterwards when they went out there was not a soul on the sea-front. The town with its cypresses had quite a deathlike air, but the sea still broke noisily on the shore.

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What have you been doing since you retired?

I ate too much.

He is truly sick.

How was the flight?

Some tourists visiting the city of Victoria in Canada are delighted at its hints of Britishness. Victoria has even aped London's famous double-decker buses as a mode of public transportation.


Elliot is going to be really proud of you.


Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay and Southern Brazil are part of the Southern Cone.

He knows how to check his e-mail box.

They blocked his proposal.


I'm sure Tait is on his way.

I wish I were a good singer.

Sridharan was the only one here when I got here.

I called at Judy's house.

My family just moved here from Boston.

Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.

Can you remember where this all started?


He should be around 40.


Josh wants Frederick to go to Boston with him.

I have nothing else scheduled for today.

You should stay back.

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I asked them to fix my car.

You're always so worried about what other people think.

That kind of behavior isn't acceptable.


I did not mean to disappoint her.

Don't look down on the poor.

Can you answer me?

That's extraordinary.

I've been trying to talk to you ever since you got here.

I got lost.

Have you made out the check yet?

They will have less free time next week.

To my chief strategist, David Axelrod, who's been a partner with me every step of the way. To the best campaign team ever assembled in the history of politics! You made this happen, and I am forever grateful for what you've sacrificed to get it done.

I am very interested in music.

Thanks for the clarification.


I don't like to study languages.

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Naren made an omelet.

They talked during the movie.

This is our country.

And that's a welcoming sentence, so to speak.

I want to play chess.

Mattie told Oliver he would have a new sister soon.

What are polymers?


I completely forgot about that.

I like your place.

Don't take things so seriously.


It's possible to eat green beans raw.


His behavior allows of no criticism.

I'm not going to do anything until I talk to Kristi.

Gunter needs the money.


Why are you always complaining?

She is known to everyone.

Vladimir didn't have to tell me about what happened. I already knew.

I like to travel alone.

Why is he hiding?

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Step back.


We thought you were sick.

They can add something if they wish.

Meeks started to get worried when Peter didn't turn up.


Don never really wanted to be here.

Let's go over there and sit down a while.

I really love basketball.

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I don't really know them at all.


Mr Brown has a magical way with children.


She said she had heard of the accident.

We want you to be more careful next time.

This old book is worth 50,000 yen.

I think that would give me a headache.

For one thing, Joshua doesn't know the language.

From the moment he arrived, everything changed.

I'll take a rain check on that.

It's more economical to go by bus instead of taking a taxi.

Gigi doesn't want to be sent to prison.

You'll feel better when you get some sleep.

My plan was rejected.

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You explained the lesson.

I don't want to hear any more of your stupid jokes.

I'm not your husband anymore.


How many people do you think die from cancer every year?


If you do come up with something, let me know.

Let's hit the slopes!

Sumitro is leaving for India next Friday.

Manavendra asked King to turn off the computer and prepare dinner.

Why aren't they coming?

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I cannot come next week.


They really know how to throw a party!

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He was a Frenchman. I could tell by his accent.

You said you were working tomorrow.

Give me back my pencil.

Leith couldn't find a job.

He grabbed the chance to get a job.

Never have I heard so terrible a story.

I used to swim here every day.


Sofoklis examined the objects on the table.

Did you hear what happened to Tao?

Tal left the room in a hurry.

Cathy can't get out of his sleeping bag. The zipper is stuck.

These are the steps that lead straight to failure.

That's for him.

Solve the following six math problems.

He didn't give me his real name.

Ritchey should've been court-martialed.

Basketball is a lot of fun.

I nearly got hit by a truck today.

I don't know anybody who can speak French.

You shouldn't let Howard in.

She's faking sleep. That's why she's not snoring.

That wasn't my idea.


We elected him captain of our team.