Please take the dishes away.

Let someone else handle it.

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Your daughter's on drugs.

You're going out with a Keio student, aren't you?

Boston is a beautiful city.


Have you any references from your other employers?

Ron trusts her.

I told Isaac that I loved her.

The frame has to be sanded and varnished.

There's only one way to settle this.


Gabriel never drinks alcohol.


If I could speak French half as well as you, I'd be happy.

I am licking an ice-cream.

He needs you.


That really bothers me.


Edmund's family moved around quite a lot when he was a kid.

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When I see you, you always remind me of my brother.

I'm bad at singing karaoke.

It's a lot more fun than I thought it would be.

Brigham Young agreed to stay.

If you'd prefer, we can speak French.

Many have long suffered oppression and hardship under colonialism.

It's imperative that you follow the instructions carefully.

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You seem young.


Malaclypse is going through a rough time right now.

"Do you find me repulsive?" "No, not all."

The expression on her face was more sour than a lemon.

Sorry, I don't feel well.

I'm not from this world.


Are you broad-minded?


Can you handle it?

Because she takes after her younger sister, I cannot tell one from the other.

Debi might know what Floyd wants.


If you jumbled "Tokyo", you could get "Kyoto".

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There's absolutely nothing wrong with what you did.

There were severe shortages of food and fuel.

That kind of thing can happen when you're in a hurry.

Jin gives us everything we need.

Jeffrey is clueless.


Lies beget lies.


Sanjib wore her favorite necklace.

You'll call me, won't you?

Wendy was very insistent.

Of course I like it.

Magnus just told us he wouldn't be able to come to Murthy's birthday party.

This was a hasty translation.

Cindie wanted to protect his family.

I signed that petition.

French is my mother tongue.

Are you going to pay a visit to China this fall?

I've been shopping with Kirsten.


That sounds like a great idea.


He's just my friend.

It took us a long time, but finally we were able to find her.

You'll find someone else.

There are rats in the kitchen.

She prayed that her children would forgive her.


I'm very demanding on my employees.


You must not stay up late.

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Cairo is the biggest city in Africa.

I would love to see it.

You see, he is a good baseball player.


We're getting into position.


No matter how fair the sun shines, still it must set.

What started the fire?

Do you really think Alexander liked you?

There are fifty stars on the American flag.

You'll pay for what you did to her.

That's as good an explanation as any.

His striped suit and checked tie didn't match.

He ordered the book from the publisher in the United States.

Have you ever heard this opera sung in Italian?

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I'm beginning to have doubts.

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War is very profitable for the neocons. A war in Ukraine and against Russia can only be a great opportunity for business to them.


You should call your parents more often.


There were not many rainy days in June this year.

Can I see your ticket?

C'mon, let's go!

Get me another lawyer.

I can't find my bag.

I found her.

That happened almost thirty years ago.


If something had happened last night, I think I would have heard it.

All things must pass.

It won't be a long time before she recovers from the shock.

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I'm sorry I broke your antique lamp.

He gave himself up to her allure.

I'd like you to mail this letter.


Kelvin killed Scott for her money.


One doesn't always follow one's forebears nor father.

Pieter never killed anybody.

I am joining the piano competition this February.

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Why are we discussing this?

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I am at lunch.


There's lighting right now.

I can't understand why Carol hates me.

They saw him.

He entered the bank disguised as a guard.

I don't know what to do now.


Dan should be ashamed of what he told me.


Belinda knows something he's not telling us.

The afternoon sun comes directly into my room.

He is so clever that he could answer the question.

I will never agree to it.

Have you ever seen a car accident?


We fired guns at the enemy.


I told him not to tell anyone.


They're my cousins.

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I'd take it if I were you.

You're the new secretary, aren't you?

My van doesn't have a back seat.


The Earth's climate is fragile.

She's writing a book.

I have been to the place that she spoke about in her talk.

My dream is to be the First Lady.

The cat sneaked up on the unsuspecting bird.

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Their job is to advise the president.


I saw her waiting in the lobby.

My gut tells me that Max is lying.

Ambiguous phrases often lead to amusing interpretations.

We help each other.

The embassy denied political asylum to foreign refugees.


We're birds of a feather.

I want you to have it.

Don't try to pull a fast one on me!


Flower arranging is a traditional craft in Japan.

Tareq just wants your attention.

Skin shouldn't be exposed to sunlight for too long.


Everyone looks confused.


I wish I could buy that guitar.

Nice job, man!

Hienz was doing pretty well.


Tell Kyle I don't have his money.

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This was a state-sponsored criminal act.


I thought you were Marnix.


"And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow?" "I would be very happy that he came."

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Dick is old enough to drive a car.

I'm in the habit of sleeping late on Sundays.

We loved that house.

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I stopped being mad at you a long time ago.


It's wonderful to see you.


With the Android version of Tatoeba, we'll be able to translate Flaubert while making love, opening the path to so far unexplored levels of pleasure.

Terry was driven out of the synagogue.

Am I being unreasonable?


He isn't coming, either.