They have no children, to the best of my knowledge.

Water and oil are both liquids.

Dieter was frowning slightly.

Is everything all right in there?

Please enjoy your stay at this hotel.

A witch once gave Christopher Columbus an evil eye... and never got it back.

I cannot say to you what you have to do.

What happened freaked him out.

I want to say that word.

It's really cute.

The forest was so thick that one could hardly walk through it.


It makes no difference to me whether he comes or not.

She works from nine.

He does not work so hard as he used to.


They met in autumn, got engaged in spring, and had a beach wedding in early summer.

What was she doing here?

That man is dead.

There were a lot of people at Duane's funeral.

This could be important.

That isn't a good idea in my opinion.

The question of what constitutes a work of art is a controversial subject.

He thinks that gays are funny people.

You were guilty.

Is this tooth sensitive to cold food?

The mayor thought that he should investigate the decline in tax revenues.

You don't make it easy.

Mr. White has gone to Canada.


I use Yahoo! to search on the internet.

I can't remember the last time I did this.

We have to build scaffolding strong enough to support the weight of dozens of workers and tons of equipment.

This is a very profitable business.

I wake up late on Sundays, and I wake up early from Monday to Saturday.


Stacy saw Mitch on TV.

Your handwriting is practically illegible.

No one can figure it out.

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This just had to happen today of all days!

I'd be delighted if you'd come with me.

We two don't know what mackerel is in Tagalog.

I'm really stuck!

I like two men.

Not knowing what to do, we telephoned the police.

This subject is taboo.

How cold is it here?

I don't like to carry a purse.


I think we had better wait for another 30 minutes.

His memory baffles me.

Don't believe everything you hear on the news.

I always catch a cold in the winter.

The children didn't seem to understand what Mann was saying.


Even though her vet told her not to, she continued to feed her dog raw vegetables.


Take away these dishes, please.


My cat likes it when I scratch her behind the ears.

Mechael made his way toward the front door.

I had never seen it.


Tell them I'm sick.

He always speaks from notes.

Gregor got out of the bathtub and dried himself off.

Jane ended up not buying it.

Did she forget her money?

My opinion differs from hers.

Louis certainly is good at making snap decisions.

Animal bodies are made up of cells.

I considered not going.

I just want my dad to get better.

Leila pretended not to hear what was going on.


I'm beginning to smell a rat.

She knew too much.

He's a trickster.


Could you tell me the way to the port?


Could we speak to you?

I'm the youngest one at my job.

Ralph got a D on his test.

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What if your parents find out?

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Just as I don't have good eyes, so neither does my son.


Young people like his books.

Today's movie is The Sound of Music.

I'm getting out of town.


Call me this evening.


We hate spiders.

She wrote him a long letter, but he didn't read it.

Am I waiting in the wrong place?

I was cut off while I was speaking.

We used to live in London three years ago, then we moved here.


I'll keep doing it.

Can I give you some unsolicited advice?

Is this the bus to Oxford?


There were blood stains on the floor.

Have you forgotten?

I am not keen on anything that is after life.

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Noemi says he's trying to quit smoking.

Democracy works when the decision about the evening menu is made by two wolves and a lamb.

No drinkers allowed.

Slartibartfast committed a series of murders.

Have you finished reading today's paper yet?


Democracy is such a fad!

Shean stepped aside and let Ritchey walk in.

Herman just got back from Australia.

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That shouldn't be hard.

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Clara and Debbie walked together.

I have not yet recovered from this disease.

I know how busy you must be, but I need your answer to my last email before I can proceed with the project. Can you take a moment and write me back?


The medical profession keeps handing out warnings about smoking.

Can I have a cup of coffee, please?

I don't trust his story.

"What do you want for breakfast tomorrow? Bread? Rice?" "Either one is fine."

He definitely wants to get married in a church.

Are you usually this quiet?

Is that why you came back?

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Sabu turned FBI snitch.


Everybody expected that the experiment would result in failure.


We realized our mistake too late.

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What are you wearing tonight?

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It's hideous.


We're being blackmailed.

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I hope you don't take this the wrong way.


I'm just going to assume Helen will be here.

His behaviour was bad.

My cram school is a long way from here.

They have been married for ten years.

To life!


Who else would you like to meet?

Drinking just one glass of wine a day will damage your health, according to a study.

How soon will you be able to finish the task?


However, if you're going to read people's blogs in order to write an interesting blog, you can do that right away.

Bernie won't admit that he's done anything wrong.

He let the visitor into the living room.

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I think it's Jenine.

I'd like to reserve a seat.

You may want to consider postponing your trip to Boston.

Where is your tie?

I made Christophe a doll.


Our sales are decreasing.


Take off your socks, please.


Angus will be ready.

Gale predicted his own death.

Clearly, this is the most important point.

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Wipe your nose.

You didn't tell Luis either, did you?

His smile put her at ease.


A bird can glide through the air without moving its wings.

Lying and stealing live next door to each other.

Saumya saved Loyd a seat.


Thuan wondered if Marco was going to kiss him.

Take particular care when walking on icy paths.

That poet attempted suicide in their library.

Let me see a menu.

I entered her room.

Ira forced me to follow him to his room.

I'm calling you on behalf of Mr. Simon.

Asked to marry him, I was at a loss for words.

Adam was so careful.


I agree with what you say to some extent.


I got this bicycle for free.


Would you mind taking me home?