They didn't know that this was going to happen.

We dishonor the living and venerate the dead.


My grandfather died shortly after my birth.

Pamela gave me the ax last night.

There are only five minutes left till the train leaves and she hasn't appeared.


A ruler helps one to draw a straight line.


You can't separate language from culture.

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I'm at a loss for any advice to you.

Looking for male equivalent to myself.

As you're starting from scratch you might as well have gone for a major makeover...

His bushy brows accented his face.

My father drives very well.


Is the pain unbearable?

Tran knew it.

My family lives here.

The reporter went to Barcelona to document the riots.

It's not possible to live on that island.


I just wanted to see you.

When will it happen?

There wasn't enough.

This might be something we can use.

He's all excited.


In grammar and vocabulary, some dialects differ significantly from the standard language.


When did he leave for Mongolia?

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Muiriel is already twenty years old.

An emptiness devours my heart.

Catherine only slept for a few hours.

Love one another, as I have loved you.

I'm not bothered. It's just my usual nightcap. Having someone to drink with on occasion might be nice.

In front of the university, there are some bookstores.

At least tell me where you're going.


The toothache made his face swell up.

Jamie came to save Takao like a knight in shining armor.

He jumped on.

The basements of the houses are likely to have problems.

She didn't reply to my letter.


He is a man of virtue.

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Australians are supposed to have a relaxed and laid-back attitude to life.

Spit it out, Jeffrey.

I've known you for years.

What do you think about the films that we saw yesterday?

We don't need a lot of space.


I met them only once.


Sodium benzoate is a very common food preservative.

When did you last have sexual intercourse?

Why don't you give tennis a try?

I don't know how or why it happened.

Why are you always so cynical?

He fell backward.

I would like a glass of wine, please.

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Please take that baggage to the post office.


Sedovic is doing the dishes.

Tell me what this means.

Did you do a background check?

For most Americans, "Allahu akbar" fails of the crucial connotation: "And you're not."

I will take you to the zoo one of these days.


According to my calculation, she should be in India by now.

Alas, I was late.

Be careful not to miss the train.


Sooner or later, I'll have to stop doing this.


How much time do you actually spend thinking about the future?


Jorge is hanging out washing.


"That's very nice of you," Willie answered.

Ami is busy making breakfast for the family.

The dog rebelled against his master.

Saqib didn't realize his socks didn't match.

Manjeri hasn't said a word all evening.


I don't give a damn about you and your circumstances!

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Have you given up smoking for good and all?

This wasn't your fault.

I want to hold Ramneek.

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Red wine does not go well with fish.

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Today's rate is 140 yen to the dollar.

It is necessary.

I'm pleased to see you.

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I'm going to be OK.

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He has no sympathy for single parent families.

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I confess I'm miserable.

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I have a project to do.


Skef wouldn't do that, would he?

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I'll have to see how my schedule looks.

What's Vladislav trying to hide?

I really love my blue pen.


Finland eliminated Russia from the Winter Olympics hockey tournament.

Stagger, bring me a sandwich.

She's on holiday with a friend.

This doesn't concern me.

"Do you, Malaclypse, take Gail to be your wife?" "I do."

It would be very interesting if, the soonest possible, there would be the possibility to do advanced searches on the Tatoeba database.

I'm satisfied with the results.


That little girl is my sister's friend.

I only speak French with him.

One finding to emerge was that critical features differ between species.

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Children cry because they want to eat.

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Make sure you tell him.

A small wicket-gate opened upon a footpath that wound through some shrubbery to the door.

I dreamed about Mariou last night.

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I went there dozens of times.

I'm starting to get a bad feeling this.

I got even with Tad.

These tortilla chips are stale.

What a lot of pens!

I racked my brains for a new idea for an article.

I'm sorry I was rude to you.

I don't want anything to jeopardize our friendship.

There's a fly in the noodle broth.

She gave up.

I am very happy.


Last winter was very cold.

What kind of gadget is that?

My father gave me a computer as a gift.

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My birthday is on March 22.


I don't know if we're going to be able to do that.

Let me show you something interesting.

What happens in your country?

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I always wanted a sports car.

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He idles away his time.

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Hats are coming into fashion.

The bridge saved us a lot of time.

I could not catch a single word of their talk.

There's no way I can catch them.

The exit is on the right side of the direction of travel.


I need quiet when I am reading.

Rodger suffered minor injuries.

You shouldn't stay up so late at night.


She is a friend of my wife's.


I do business on the internet.

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Blessed are the pure in heart.

The moment I held the baby in my arms, it began to cry.

There's a guy in there with a gun. I need backup.

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This restaurant is badly managed.

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Kiki swims.

Mrs. Brown warned Beth, that she will always be too heavy if she doesn't eat reasonably.

Leave me a bit of ice cream.


That law isn't enforced.


I don't know where Jarl is staying.

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I'm sorry, Jorge! I didn't see you!


I'm trying to memorize my speech.

You ought to thank him.

Juha promised to wait.

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Can I call you back within twenty minutes?


The boy has an exotic vision.


Excuse me, I am looking for a book called "Margaret and Christie".

Excuse me, I think you're sitting in my seat.

Don't be so haughty in your speaking.