If he came tomorrow, I would have more time to talk.

A catastrophe has been averted.

I want you to wear this one.

The bathtub overflowed while she was talking on the phone.

I need to decide what to do.

We hired a boat by the hour.

Colin's the most beautiful girl I've ever actually talked to.

He goes swimming in the river every day.


Finally, someone spoke.

I believe she'll arrive in a short time.

The cock and the other birds awaken me in the morning.

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I am obliged to leave early to catch my train.

I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its stupidity.

They're of no consequence.

Please take these dishes away.

Very few people aren't afraid of death.

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You're not obliged to thank me.

Gosh, that Italian family at the next table sure is quiet.

How many kids does she have?

Every man cannot be a hero.

He sat down and read while his wife was cooking by the fire.

I'd like to feel how your lips taste.

I didn't think so.

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If you get another speeding ticket within one year, your license will be suspended.

Marc threw a rock at me.

This country is really going to the dogs!


He is sure to pass the exam.


I had to respect Kimmo's wishes, so I left.


Neil said Irwin wouldn't be here.

My personality is not at all serious!

I like your style.

The only thing he cares about is himself.

Ira raised five children.


Kristen is never be able to keep his mouth shut.

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Liber isn't a bad person.


Our office used to be on Park Street.

Kevyn is trying to quit smoking.

Cut the shenanigans!

It's incredibly easy to cheat the system.

He has some income in addition to his salary.

Why is it that at a bachelor's establishment the servants invariably drink the champagne?

He blushed with shame.

The judge overruled the objection.

My friends started the trip three days ago.


The form varies, but in principle you remain alone.


Many a man has made the same mistake.

Sharada will freeze to death out there.

How many kids does she have?

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Why were you chasing me?

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I was excited and nervous at the same time.

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Konrad said Boston is a nice place to visit.

Owen likes hearing herself talk.

The two are not in the same category.

Can I join in?

Ken didn't have the nerve to try it again.

We need Dory's experience.

We all consider it wrong to cheat in exams.

Take some money just in case you need it.

It will cost you 10 dollars to buy the CD.

Are you Masensen or Mohand?

My computer is antiquated already.


Should I help them?

I can't help feeling something's not quite right.

The street is named for President Madison.

Let's have a moment of silence.

Was Shadow involved?

An architect occupies that office.

I can't stand that bloke.

Peter likes to improvise on his guitar.

You're a father now.

Have you ever had any serious illness?

They tried to kill us.

Few people live on the island.

No one seems to know what this is used for.

How very wrong he was.

Kanthan won't listen to Mike's advice.

He told my secret.

I don't need to tell you anything.


I ride my bike to work.


Kieran nodded his agreement.

He won't pass the test.

I've already written everything that needs to be written.

I think maybe that's all you have to do.

Independence day is on September 7th.

The price of coffee has come down.

Whatever is well conceived is clearly said, the words to say it flow with ease.

Those two boys have about the same ability in English.

Do you want me to bring you something to eat?

I'm really excited for Sarah.

Skef quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Did you call me up last night?

You're such a hypocrite.

I already bought my ticket to Boston.

Have you called her yet?

Justice in this country is a bit of a double standard: there is the justice of the poor and the justice of the rich.

Ima is still eating.

There could be consequences.

Many students compete to get into the best universities.


Lonhyn had to change the past.


Murray spends most of his free time reading books.


She's been cheating on her husband for years.

"Here's where we separate the men from the boys." "What about the girls?"

There were toward a thousand people.


It's a full moon.


Oliver found out that his new girlfriend is an illegal immigrant.


They like seafood.

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I would like to show you my beautiful city.

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He told his stories in a very unusual way.

Did you tell Mike why you're here?

Mayo wakes up early.


Mr Basri loves his wife.


They brought trouble on themselves.

Protestants were in the majority.

One weekend, all of the hotels in the city were full.

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I don't know why and I don't care.


He forgot her name.

Do you want to go for a walk later?

I'm really not interested in history.

That's why dogs love you.

She's scared of dogs.

Kyle didn't do anything illegal.

Loukas is your boyfriend?

The audience burst out laughing.

The other kids aren't talking.

We were waiting for Jeany.

I do not know this lady.


I'll take a steak.

What happened to your voice?

She always gets up at six.

How are you doing today?

Why should you think so?

Niall left his umbrella on the train.

At last, she hit on a good idea.

Mehrdad has been here for years.

She came near to me.

Some people think I'm Pratt.

What are we looking at now?


This year there were few rainy days in August.

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Matt didn't have to say that.


I'm going to take you to Sergeant.

Ramadoss used to play tennis three days a week.

It looks like Winnie has a crush on Jong.

You had better make use of this opportunity.

Ravi asked Sehyo if she wanted to come over and watch a movie.

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It's a difficult country to govern.


Well, that changes everything.

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I hate this kind of place.

I hope you will join us in the parade and march along the street.

The man eats beans.

Marie was moving forward.

Cary is a strange person.


Tricia can survive this.

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Dan took Linda to the island he had purchased.

Don't let Aaron frighten you.

Naomi's backpack is over there.


I'll be right there, Kristian.


It rains a lot during February here in Brazil.

Can we keep it?

Everybody loves Stacey, right?