I think it's time for me to lose some weight.

The concert was a bit disappointing.

She's grown up to be a beautiful woman.

Are you intending to go already?


The students went on and on asking questions.

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We're still in the dark as to the identity of the killer.

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Sridhar poured hot water into the cup.


We noticed his reluctance to testify.

I know that for a fact.

I won't say a word.

Have you made plans for dinner this evening?

I ordered you to get out.


What were you in prison for?

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Panacea begged me to go with her.

Juan said he has to go to school tomorrow.

Hamburg is Germany's largest port and also the third-largest port in Europe.

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I have a right to know the truth.


I said I'd wait for you.

It's boring.

It was a bitter pill to swallow.

The previous tenant took excellent care of her apartment.

I believe you have appendicitis.

Physicians must confront ageism

A voyage to the moon in a spaceship is no longer a dream.


The inherent difficulty of quantifying prosperity complicates the question of which countries are most prosperous.


Why did Gogol burn the second part of "Dead Souls"?

We found him sleeping under the desk.

How could I have fallen in love with her so quickly?


During the day the streets fill up with cars.

Jiri grimaced bravely.

The fact has come home to my bosom.

The magnitude of a solar eclipse depends on how close you are to the path of totality.

Patrice took risks.

The mischievous little boy loved his dad very much.

Such an offence is punished by a fine and/or imprisonment.

I don't want to waste time on this problem.

Marsh is drinking directly from the faucet.

It is good for nothing.

Israel is a good painter.

Open the window.

Syd asked Betsy what she did last weekend.


She learned English with great eagerness.

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He gave me what little money he had about him.

I loved you from the moment I laid eyes on you.

Max didn't change his plans, even though Casey wanted him to.

Avoid crossing this street when it is raining.

Socorrito asked Sharan to meet him at John's house at 2:30.

Your problem is you're not patient enough.

Can you stop yelling?

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What are we going to do?


Her skirt is yellow with polka dots.

I want your help on this.

They had to pass the tradition on to the next generation.

That's exactly what I wanted to happen.

All science is experiential; but all experience must be related back to and derives its validity from the conditions and context of consciousness in which it arises, i.e. the totality of our nature.

You can count on us.

When did Wade give you that?

If I had a dime for every time I heard that, I'd be rich.

I was just trying to impress him.

That's not an insult.

Even Nicolette knows that.

Ermanno told a funny story.

I don't really like them anyway.

You're not good at telling scary stories.

Eric is bringing down a wall.

Jef stayed here once.

There is a bird here.


He is very kind, just like you.


All are happy in my family.


Please bring this gentleman a glass of beer.

The day she started for Paris was rainy.

Does Hubert need me?

Early rising is good for the health.

I have the ace of spades.

It took me a while to understand what she was trying to say.

You will find the bank at the end of that road.

I don't know what has become of him.

I was afraid of looking stupid.

How can Tatoeba help you in translation?

I haven't eaten at my grandmother's house since I was a kid.

Airplanes enable us to travel around the world in a few days.

I thought Raj did a nice job.

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There's been a flood of inquiries about the accident.


Can you see anything at all there?

However that may be, I am wrong.

There's an emergency situation.

I'll make you some coffee.

Then they believed the scripture and the words that Jesus had spoken.

The clause provides that all decisions shall be made by majority vote.

He went on to demonstrate how to use the machine.

It took Irving a long time to find Ssi.

Does Theodore feel the same way about that as you do?

It didn't make sense to me.

We'll need your support.

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Joubert is very gentle with her baby sister.

In a pinch, a vegetable peeler can act as a zester.

Is it safe to stay here?

Bud stood up again.

The boy is yet to be found.

Her house is situated in the neighborhood of the park.

Do you have any more big ones?

The level of fear that the Germans now have towards nuclear power has reached hysterical levels.

We take risks.

It's my biggest problem.

Elizabeth's speech was really funny.


Do you like my hair?


I can't stand children crying.

I looked around for them.

The end, so long good bye!

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Ping wants to know what Mysore did last weekend.


Juergen divided the pie into three equal parts.


I wanted to say thank you for all your help.


Tell them that I'm fine.


I don't own any expensive jewelry.


Do any of you know her?

That's worth a lot.

Fasten your seat belt when you drive.

I guess you know who I am talking about.

Jef just proposed.


I was studying late last night.

Social media have made us more densely networked than ever. Yet new research suggests that we have never been lonelier and that this loneliness is making us mentally and physically ill.

Sylvan gets good grades in French.

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The calf muscle is located on the back of the lower leg.

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A crime has been committed.

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He was well built, if not fat as such.

The crowd gathered around the speaker.

He wrote her to the effect that he loved her.

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Nothing is as useful as a photocopier.

Everyone's different.

My mother made me take some medicine.

John is indifferent about his clothes.

In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Have you a room to let in this house?

Orville doesn't want to do that.

It would have been wiser to leave it unsaid.

He ran the car into a lamppost.

I told them to send me another ticket.

There were some burned-out structures along the road.

His wife was nowhere in evidence.

Let me see it.

Murat tripped on a toy his son had left on the floor and dislocated his scapula.

Americans could be really provincial.

Bucky came to Boston in 2001 and lived here until 2010.

Things haven't been the same around here since Jeannie left.


Presley met Srinivas this morning.

Alexis didn't have any of the details.

She's too loud.

I can't distinguish a frog from a toad.

Naresh got a flu shot.

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History is the teacher of life.

Let's just begin.

Kiki has been stalking Saul for a while.

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If you act like that, he'll think you hate him.

Cast not pearls before swine.

I'd like to ask Nikolai what he means.


Miles kept his gun trained on Rudolf.

Is eating healthy more costly?

If the law is not repealed, in toto, what recourse do citizens have?

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You're not the only one who knows how to do that.

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

We have to notify the police.