I'm trying to solve the problem.

Simply put, a human being is an aggregate of many cells.

It was raining quietly.

There will be situations where no textbook answer will be available to guide you.

Now that I have finished this assignment I want to go to sleep, but I have to go to school.

Tammy, I didn't do it.


This is my mother. Her name is Beatrice.


They also teach that, for great sins, they cannot receive forgiveness unless they confess to their leader.


I told Indra I had plans.

Byron became a doctor.

I don't like rock music.


My sister isn't used to cooking.

You'd better take an umbrella.

Somebody moved out in a hurry.

Why don't you rest a bit?

The weather was lenient.

My friends are very important to me.

Why can't you take things just as they are?

Elliott is still unemployed.

Olaf won't want it.

On the outside this building is not remarkable, but if you look inside there is a courtyard with a very beautiful garden.

Vance is obviously angry.

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It was too muggy for me to get to sleep last night.

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See that all the items are arranged in a row.


My major is comparative religion.


Tim and Nick were fighting.

I have a bad headache.

You're psyched.


She likes sleeping.


Zelda, everyone is under attack by the evil forces of the birds! I'm going to Gamelon to attack. If you don't hear from me in a month, send Link.

It has been delightful, but I must go now.

I don't belong to the club.

He really knows how to cook.

I work best under pressure.


Hey, wait up!


He remained abroad later on.

It'll soon be three o'clock.

I probably never will come here again.

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It appears you're correct, Sundaresan.


As the orchestra in the space hotel's ballroom played on, dancers from various worlds swayed gaily about.


Nigel's voice cracked on a high note.

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Christina was the last one into the car.


Over $30 million in priceless art was stolen from that museum last year.

Free Caucasus!

You have a very logical way of thinking.

That doesn't smell like something I'd want to eat.

It was a good game.

The rich have many friends.

Many fear that cuts in the defense budget will undermine the military's effectiveness.

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Right now, I'm choosing some suitable clothes to wear during the vacation.

How much does your daughter weigh?

I'll go and look for him.

I know you helped them.

You need to sleep.


My life would be meaningless without you.

When the girl was lost, her parents appealed to the public for information.

Don't walk away from her.


Wishing you a Halloween filled with fun.

Even the air's spicy here.

Probably he wasn't just playing practical trick on us.


He flung a stream of abuse at me.


He did it for his sister.

The girl rowing a boat is my cousin.

Where are we eating tonight?


Can we fix it?

Am I supposed to stop?

What are they at?

Craig asked me if I was angry.

Trying will get out of prison in three years.

He has been warned on several occasions.

Democratic governments are supposed to answer to the people.

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I have to do that sometimes, too.


The community scheme has run up against local opposition.


She complained that the picture was too revealing.

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Herbert told me he wasn't busy.

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I prefer a cotton blouse.

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I don't believe he is a lawyer.

She ate a fourth of the cake.

Her accent gave her away.

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Jitendra felt it was important that you know this.

Who looks at the sky?

He didn't want to go to Japan.

Hippopotamuses love water.

Gregge would still be alive if he had been more careful.

Robin talked too much.

Cris turned on the speakerphone.


I looked at them.

I understand why you're upset.

If you think education is expensive, wait till you see what ignorance costs you.

I know the truth.

A homeless man and a three-year-old boy argued for an hour about whether or not Batman has superpowers, which he does not.

You lost, didn't you?

All at once we heard a shot.


I'll do whatever I need to do.

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It's dangerous to swim here.

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I'm glad to hear it.

I am aware that some question or justify the events of 9/11. But let us be clear: al Qaeda killed nearly 3,000 people on that day.

Case showed Jeany his baby pictures.

I lost the bet.

This data supports the hypothesis.


He is a genius.

Paola didn't know what Deb's problem was.

Edward is a pretty great guy.

In spring, everyone wakes up early.

Existence precedes essence.

This game is sick! I've been a fan of the company for...ever.

How much of what I've written here do you understand?

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Miriamne has made some bad choices.

I like to climb mountains.

I'm sorry to have troubled you owing to our mistake.


The fire spread quickly.

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Let's turn on the heater.

Some unexpected difficulties have arisen.

We're going to have a good day.

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I can't help but wonder where Harmon is.

Stay out of Ralph's way.

Although it was a long way back to the station, little by little the old wagon drew near.


My sister, wearing her favorite red coat, went out today.


God sent a sign.


I've known Graeme longer than you've been alive.

My grandmother went peacefully in the night.

Friends are very important to him.


Brush your teeth after every meal.

Kemal barely escaped death.

You look younger than her.


We have a package here for them.

What are little girls made of? Sugar and spice and everything nice.

The dog defended his master from harm.

Who else knows about this place?

It's easy to call us and we are in distress, but continue to pray after the crisis is more like ensuring that helps promising to adhere to the spirit of good achievements

Adlai is just trying to get your goat now.

If we burn fuels such as coal, oil and gas, they give off various gases.


My father often goes abroad on business.

Should we change the flag?

We had no choice but to wait for a while until the store opened.

This is crazy.

Remove the bandage.


They just want to talk to you.

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Johnny and Ron often talk to each other using Skype.

I checked Hwa's computer.

I read the story in a book.


Can he do whatever he wants?

This soap will improve her complexion.

Give me a hand.

It's Billy's birthday today!

My ring is gone.

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Jane ducked into the restroom.


I'll tell you about it when I get home.

My client wants to plead guilty.

Did the plane crash?