"Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast" — Peter Drucker

Take Your Organization On A


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Create, explore, challenge, wonder, and wander

Deliver Epic Culture

  • Multi-Way Communication

    Share insights, ideas, documents, rich media and more. Plan, collaborate, deliver and solicit feedback.

    We believe culture is delivered through conversation and collaboration, not missives and directives and one-way communication. ThirdSpace enables open communication and collaboration for your entire organization.

  • Connected, Engaged Workforce

    In today’s workforce many employees don’t feel connected to one another or to a deeper purpose within their organization. In fact, 2016 Gallup research shows that only 32% of employees are engaged at work.

    When employees aren’t connected with each other or to a meaningful purpose, they don’t see a clear path for their future. This results in difficulty attracting and retaining quality talent. Alarmingly, over $11 billion is lost annually due to employee turnover and upwards of $550 billion is lost annually due to employee disengagement.

    ThirdSpace solves theses costly problems by addressing the deeper humanistic issues of a modern workforce, allowing employees a place to feel connected with peers, managers and the greater mission of your organization.

  • Performance Management

    An organization's culture brings life to it’s values, guiding the decisions and actions of diverse groups of individuals. However, often management’s lack of connection to employees and lack of timely measurement, doesn’t allow coaching and guidance towards development of culture throughout the organization.

    Performance management is essential to successful organizations. Help support your employees on their career journey. From new hires to helping your team members reach their greatest potential, ThirdSpace is your guide.

  • Enterprise Knowledge

    Collective knowledge is not localized in any particular individual or system. It emerges from the dynamic interactions and both personal and professional experiences of your employees. Empower your employees by capturing that knowledge organically, along with meaning and context.

    Vision is top down, yet values are carried within individuals. When the two collide a culture emerges. Don’t just let it happen. Be deliberate; craft it, and Deliver Epic Culture with ThirdSpace.


Why You Need ThirdSpace Journey Map

Guide and empower your employees, collaboratively

ThirdSpace's Journey Map empowers employees, their managers and peers to define and seek value in everything they do. Map a new employee’s journey on their way to a productive career, and assist current employees with expanding their horizons.

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A Strategic Combination of Features and Process

Spaces and real-time collaboration tools support daily feedback and ongoing conversation about what’s happening in real-time between a manager and employee, or among a team. A Journey Map enables employees to create and track their success within your organization, while connecting with its culture and vision. All connected to a plethora of captured collective knowledge in the Knowledge Base.

That's Epic Culture.

  • Desktop
  • Tablet
  • Laptop
Journey Map

More than a basic collaboration tool or social network, it facilitates mapping your journey, enabling creation, storytelling, celebration of successes, and empathy during challenges. Encourage positive employee behavior and agency.


Define and orient goals, objectives, directions and milestones for every employee's career, enabling successes for the individual, team and organization.


Create open communication spaces for collaboration and teamwork, and have the ability to preserve institutional knowledge, understanding, and wisdom at the click of a button. Discuss the business of the day.

Knowledge Sharing

Collective knowledge is not localized in any particular individual or system. It emerges from the dynamic interactions and both personal and professional experiences of your employees. Store and retrieve critical organizational knowledge.

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ThirdSpace was born in the great city of Madison. Our co-founders all grew up and/or went to school here in Madison and as we’ve grown up, Madison has too. We are proud to call Madison home and building a successful business in Madison and keeping it here is part of our plan. We want to create jobs here and help our great city grow. We are who we are because of Madison and our success is shared by our community.