You can be sure I will not hurt you but you should know I will not forgive you.

Unlike his sister, he has retained the religious faith his parents brought him up in.

I was very moved by his speech.

It's stable because all the roots of this equation are negative.

Show me yours!

He who is fixed to a star does not change his mind.


Do I tell you how to do your job?

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What Nigel said was inappropriate.


If you want me to play the piano, I'll play the piano.

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He wrote it down lest he should forget it.

I think we owe Tran an apology.

Sylvan told his parents that he had no homework.


He was handed a red card for starting a fight with the other team and as a result, their team lost.

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I am failing at cooking.

Do you need a car?

Are you cold? Here, take my coat.

Keep on trying.

Barney isn't very diplomatic, is he?

The room was jam-packed with reporters waiting for the press conference to begin.

I've had a slight sore throat since this morning. I wonder if I've caught a cold.

The old man was hit by a car and was immediately taken to the hospital.

It'll happen again.

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She screwed up the work.

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She's a member of a sorority.

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Miriam obviously doesn't like Micky.


Let's play tennis!

I cannot let them catch you.

Ramesh doesn't want Moran to kiss him in public.

I don't know how I managed to do that. The main thing is that I was able to do it at all.

Mehrdad prepared supper by himself.


He won't turn up tonight.

Why are you surprised?

Please close the door when you leave.

A drop of luck helps more than a whole case of wisdom.

That cost me a lot in the long run.

We're all very worried about you.

The elderly lady is busy in the garden.


Is the warrior burning the house?


We did not evolve from monkeys. We share a common ancestor.

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May I look at that magazine?

These are all much the same.

Things will turn out all right.


I am not hungry.

Why don't you rest a bit?

How long will it take me to finish my homework?

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All three of you chop wood every day, don't you?

Don't get distracted!

I always enjoy playing tennis with Kirsten.

Damn! This toaster tries to make a monkey out of me.

Paul is more vigorous than Marc.

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Such conduct doesn't fit in with your reputation.

Some people felt that Brian's behavior was inappropriate.

Imogen of the Internet can type over 110 words per minute, but runs a 20-minute mile. The rest of her family has the opposite problem.


Miki knows that he's right.

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What are you talking about!?

I think I'll be very busy, but after the test I will have more time.

I've lived here thirty years.

The doghouse is new.

All the people present were moved by his speech.

This sentence no verb.

A bird is known by its song, and a man by his words.

We need to be very careful not to break anything.

Say, he is no more than a kid.

Are you texting them?

Mr Tanaka is a doctor, isn't he?

Without electricity we can't live a good life today.

I don't like to be touched.


I didn't need her.

We've got to evacuate.

You won't be fired.

She fitted me out with the money.

Hirotoshi has had the same girlfriend for the last three years.

It is wrong to steal money.

Announced on the 16th of October of 2012, Alpha Centauri Bb may be the closest planet outside our Solar System and may be a "lava world."


A water shortage causes inconvenience.

Do what is good to those who hate you.

I want to know what you're thinking.


Some men treat women like property.

The hotel which I am staying at is near the station.

What's in all these boxes?

Who do you think can fix this?

I thought Amarth did a nice job.

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Look at those.

I think it might rain today, but I could be wrong.

There's someone behind them.

You don't know very much about me.

It's the 28th of May.

Coastal cities will take the brunt of the storm.

Frederick forgot the rules.

I'm going to call Butler later.

It pleases me to hear this news.

Toby wanted to know everything about Dustin.

I doubt if Raphael speaks French.

I have seen much of him lately.

The users of Tatoeba don't want Penny to die.

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Do you really think I want that?


Sylvan said that he wanted to leave Boston by the end of this year.


Ken may well be glad about the result of the test.

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Are you sure there's no meat in this soup?

Siegurd called you.

What do you hate?


Do you believe that people are capable of change?


He fired at point blank range.

I wouldn't be here today without you.

"We haven't seen each other in a long time, Billie! Have you put on a little weight?" "Yes, lately I haven't been able to get myself to move around at all."


Can I see you for a minute?

She left the company after 20 years.

Is there a lot of flowers in this garden?

She lost no time in reading a best-selling novel.

It sounds like you've tried everything.

They are keen on outdoor sports.

Human pride is human weakness.

The fault is on the part of my father.

Do you have a room that's a little cheaper?


I think Masanobu is hypocritical.

Some snakes are dangerous.

What does she do in the summer?

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Now I know what you love and what you hate.

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Put everything on my tab. I'll settle it when I check out.

How do you plan on doing it?

They set out on an arctic expedition.

Betsy needed the money.

Please get plenty of sleep the day before donating blood.

You're upset and you have every right to be.

People shouldn't stare at foreigners.

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This is what I would have said.

Haven't I met you before?

Should gay marriage be legal?

They look very tired.

When will Eileen leave for Boston?


Tuna is a chemistry professor.


Maria found the problem.


At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.

How many years have you been working here?

It seems obvious to me.

Van asked what I was going to do.

You still can't stand her, can you ?

Is that why they died?

Many libraries also provide wireless local area network.

I thought he would be upset.

The police were able to link Hurf's DNA to the crime scene.

No one lives in that house.

One always tends to overpraise a long book, because one has got through it.

She pierced her own nose.

I'm not going to the movies tomorrow.

We're going to be in Boston all week.

I run like a hamster in a wheel.


No one is so foolish as to believe what he says.

Unfortunately the guide went wrong.

I've found my man!

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I can't lie to him again.


Let me introduce my parents to you.

I'd like to take this with me.

I hope to hire someone who can speak French.

Mrs. Jones counts sheep every night to go to sleep.

Sometimes it's better to remain silent.


Yes. No. Maybe. I don't know.

Watch him and do likewise.

People are complicated.