Charles would like to talk with you.

This task is too much for him.

By that time I'll have already left.

How many sons does Elaine have?


Jennie started laughing.


Make sure we haven't overlooked anything.


That may not be liked by everybody, but it is a fact.


I'm going to be an uncle.

Let's get together on Sunday.

It's quite a simple idea.

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We all desired peace.


Clarissa wrote down Hank's telephone number.

I met him when I was staying in London.

What else do we need?


Their team cheated during the baseball game.

Do not expose the console to dust, smoke or steam.

You asked for nothing.

Kennedy spoke about the issue.

We won't let anything happen to you, I promise.


Please forget about the orienteering that you did at that outdoors school. Well, actually, you don't have to forget it, but the orienteering that we're doing here is completely different.

He put a touch of salt on a boiled egg.

He tried to warn me.


He works for a multinational company.

My computer makes a really weird noise.

There's a whole lot of shaking going on.

Yes, I'll call you at nine. Will you be there?

These bags are very heavy, so carry one bag at a time.


What's the meeting about?

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I haven't gotten paid yet.

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What do you do when you're in Boston?


He has a crush on Justin Trudeau.

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I didn't think the house would burn down so quickly.

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My father was there when the bomb exploded.

This book is easy enough for them to read.

This is very good.

Those who enforce the law must obey the law.

She gave me a necktie, which entirely matched my taste.

It looks like she made seven mistakes in as many lines.

Daniele arrived at the camp safely.

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She let a stranger in.

I think we should try a little harder.

They plotted against the government.

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Pascal washed the apple before he ate it.

Wasn't Connie here with you?

May I use the restroom?

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Shutoku knows that.

It's impossible to tell the Jackson twins apart.

He's not an evil man.

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Though Elaine and Seymour are twins, they don't look very similar.

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Claudia is terribly funny.

I realize I may not be the most desirable man in the world, but I still hope you'll consider going out with me.

The bus stopped to pick up passengers.


Could you recommend a nice restaurant near here?


That is outside my purview.

I'm thinking of visiting you one of these days.

Narendra looked like something the cat dragged in after his long night at the pub.

Who's going to tell Noam?

"How are you?" "I can't complain."

The police pursued the murderer.

A bright idea occurred to me.

His schedule has been changed.

Let's stop playing tennis.


Everyone looked at me.


Sandy likes the extreme cold of Alaska.


Her method is far in advance of ours.

It was a problem in their local community.

It'll work out, I'm sure of it!

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My children won't listen to me.

Get out of there.

Throughout the centuries humankind has tracked the sun, the stars, and the universe.


If Florian's mother hadn't meddled in their marriage, Nanda and Emma might still be together.


That was naive of me.

Why don't you try to clear up this whole thing for me, then?

She looked around in wonder.


My last husband was really stupid.

We're working together.

Are you sure you're ready for this?

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A politician has to be able to stick with any lies in this country.

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This is self-explanatory.

I don't like to be pushed.


It was nice of you to come.

I'd prefer to be at home.


Tell Oscar about your trip.

My favorite color is red.

I'd describe him as a middle-aged man in a yellow jacket, orange tie and a pink shirt.

Laura had no family.

You have to make a careful choice of books.

What's the difference between regular mail and certified mail?

His parentage was unknown to us.


We talked over our problems.

There are 43 prefectures in Japan.

Liyuan is the best runner.


We must not ignore populations suffering under misgovernment.

There are no comments for now.

Tao won the game.

Think before you print this.

Here is the newest magazine.

You may have a point.

The death penalty should be abolished.


Carsten has been pretending to be me.


What does Jaime eat when he's watching TV?

I'm actually here on business.

After thinking long and hard, I put the plan into practice.


I won't be here next month.

It's very complicated.

Beverly was easygoing.

Don't forget to send that letter.

He's in charge of administration at the hospital.

She needs another DPT shot.

Hienz wondered why Monty wouldn't French kiss him.

This is my wife.

Sedovic never drinks coffee this late in the day.

I closed my phone.

There were indeed seven of us.

I think one of us ought to talk to Cliff about this.

I'm putting myself through school, so I can't have things that are that expensive.

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For a long time society was strongly hierarchal and unequal, primarily composed of peasants. The most backward, impoverished population, were crushed by the weight of the taxes, wars, and famines.


I'm all worn out.

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I think I can handle this one alone.


They'll find your cigarette cache, and then you'll have problems.

"And if your brother turned up at the party without notice tomorrow?" "I would be very happy that he came."

Do you want me to give you mine?

His girlfriend is younger than him.

You're much faster than me.

He lost his breath at the sight.

You owe me another thirty bucks.

Thus passes the glory of the world.

Naresh is looking through his clothes.

Would you do something for me?

Our plane was flying above the clouds.


Health advocates have pushed for laws restricting work-place smoking.

Art is impolite.

I didn't need his help.

Who told you where I live?

Don't leave your dog in the house all day.


My mother bought me a new dress.

She is frank in speech.

Part should be here pretty soon.

The word "cliche" comes from French.

My house is very cold.

I was in great pain.

That's how I met your mother.


I believe Maurice is doing well.

I am fond of Cathy.

I wish I had a babysitting job.


Best travel is one that has no end.

Huashi doesn't come here anymore.

I remember writing to her.


How did he come here?

Even the fastest horse only has four legs.

He drew his water, which was excellent, from a very deep natural well, above which he had set up a very simple pulley block.

Somebody poisoned her.

They employ temporary workers.