Cecilia came into the room a few minutes after Donnie.

I'm hoping to make stay a little longer than that.

Please tell me where to put this.

It is as if we, not Brazil, won the game.

He spotted a ship in the distance.

This is absolutely terrifying.

What do you think of his attitude?

My name is Jisung.

I'm washing the dishes.

His excitement is easily accountable.


I wish to be a doctor.


I bought some bread.


Collin has told Laurie everything he knows.


To create a website, it is useful to know how to code.

I saw her blink.

My mother told me to behave myself.

My father has been in hospital for two months.

Vick has helped me in the past.

King roasts his own coffee beans.

Air pollution prevents some plants from growing well.

I'm taking a semester off.

It verges on scorn.

I might do something with Patricia tomorrow afternoon.

I think it's time for me to clean the garage.


He says he will inquire into the matter.


We want healthier food.


Quite a few people attended the opening ceremony of the new bridge.

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Moore is seldom late for appointments.

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I'm trying to get a tan.

He studies economics at university.

You're in danger of becoming a good man.


Isn't there something I can help with?

Her illness kept her from attending the party.

I never want you to step foot in that bar again.


I wish I could fall asleep that quickly.


You drove a truck.

Have you checked our store lately?

Emma seemed very impressed.

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I had a dog when I was a kid.


Frankie parceled out soup for each of the homeless men.


England established many colonies.


I bet she is younger than me.

I can get us out of here.

Profound ignorance is what is behind a dogmatic tone.

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It will be difficult, but not impossible.

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Has anybody spoken to her?

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I think we'd better start dealing with that problem.

This is one thing my father left to me.

The farmer scattered the wheat seeds in the field.

I could really go for a beer.

You should've done it yourself.


A man's vanity is his tenderest spot.


The police rarely intervene.

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Josip is always grumbling about something.

I'll always love Prakash.

It's going to be difficult.

Doyle works on Sundays.

You're perfectly safe.

She would often take a trip when she was young.

Marion still needs to fill in these forms.


Arthur will sign it.


What's up, you boozer? Have you had some cough syrup again?

An ounce of wit that is bought is worse a pound that is taught.

You need a new hat.

Keep it brief.

I'm just tired of standing up.


Merril looks curious.


Do you love me?

Visualization, a favorite tool of the psychologist, cannot solve all problems, but many so-called positive thinkers seem to think that it can.

Tycho's painstakingly collected data was reduced by Kepler to become grist for the mill that ground out Newton's gravitational theory.

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You can always ask for Spy's help.

Is this real gold?

The robber attacked her on a back street.

That happens all the time, doesn't it?

Sid didn't use the word "impossible."

Toerless looked around to make sure no one was watching.

So we are annoyed by the noise of cars.

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On the chalkboard there's written your new timetable.

I've already been there.

I just stopped by to wish you luck.

Jesus isn't pleased.

Randy told me a really funny joke this morning.

He wished to keep the bank accounts separate for tax purposes.

They refused to be drafted.

Skip fought bravely.

I forgot its name.

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I live next door to the toy shop.

I wish you both all the happiness in the world.

I get hives when I eat eggs.


I can't read Saqib's mind.

Maybe it's bad luck.

I don't feel nervous.


Do you believe it at all?

It snowed much last winter.

From behind the fridge, a roach comes out.

Merton doesn't know it yet, but he's going to get laid off.

Sjouke missed his flight.

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Dan is Linda's new husband.


Jennie already left.


This theory is very controversial.

This time, when he went into the hospital, he finally understood that one's health is really the most important thing of all.

This isn't my first time to drive a sports car.

We just hope it continues.

They decided to marry.

Seventy or eighty years is the normal span of a man's life.

His report was truthful.

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I like to do everything for myself.

All were imprisoned by the Allies after the war and later sentenced to death or given long prison terms for war crimes.

The woman is in front of a big rock.

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Japan is not abundant in natural resources.


"Why don't you come?" "Because I don't want to."


Svante wouldn't leave me alone.

And with me, we are yet one more.

The guard grabbed him.

I regret what happened to her.

Can you speak English at all?

I'm very sexy.

I'll be sure to let Donovan know.

We're not buying.

It's 2:00 p.m.


I'm in seventh heaven.


The dish fell on the floor with a crash.


I don't want her in my car.

She opened the window to let in fresh air.

A drink never hurt anybody.

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How old he is!


Did they say anything?


Prosody semantics is related to pragmatics.


I do sports in order to stay healthy.

Have you ever seen the movie "The Box"?

I heard that Hal is planning to take Kerry out to dinner tonight.

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In some languages like French or Persian, a potato is called an 'apple of the earth'.

She pinched her nostrils.

Listen to me very carefully, OK?

Why do you think Sharan was absent today?

Pia has secretly been in love with Luc for years.

Don't let your mother know that.

She started it.

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Tammy died in the crash.

The fence will be painted by Price tomorrow.

I'd like to have my hair trimmed.


I was young and ambitious once.

She probably knows the answer.

He set a very good time.

The soldier ran.

He had the role of narrating the television drama.


Noam bought a silk rug.


There were many delicious snacks at the party.

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Vishal was afraid.