The Food Safety Solution Based On Prevention
KLEANZ focuses on preventing food safety issues rather then relying primarily on reactive measures.


Automates and standardizes your Food Safety and Quality processes while recording them in a centralized location.


Verify the quality of your Food Safety Compliance and Sanitation systems. Confirm the processes and that personnel are maintaining compliance, while determining Root Cause (RCA) and correct (CAPA) any non-compliance events.


Ensures industry compliance through self-audits, 3rd party and regulatory inspections, validating your food safety processes.

KLEANZ is the leader in Food Safety Compliance / Sanitation Management solutions for a good reason

Nexcor Technology has been partnering with companies for more than 15 years to provide everything needed for food safety compliance documentation and to drive their sanitation functions on a day-to-day basis. Our deployment specialists are experienced managers with decades of food manufacturing plant knowledge.

Our partners include multiple global enterprises, regional companies and single plant operations.

Whether your responsibility corporate level that include hundreds of plants or it is for a single plant, we have solutions to keep you "Audit Ready Every Day"!

What Our Clients Are Saying

KLEANZ and the Nexcor Team has made our SQF certification project successful! The guidance the team provided allowed us to identify unintended gaps we didn’t realize we had. Now we are truly "Audit Ready Every Day"!

Director of Global Food Safety

Worldwide Cereal and Snack Manufacturer

KLEANZ in all of our plants allows my team to focus on forward progress rather than spending their efforts on remedial actions.

The corporate dashboard is invaluable to me, now there is no doubt about our KPI trends.

Plant Manager

Prepared Foods Manufacturer

Our company encourages managers and supervisors to bid on new jobs to build experience. With KLEANZ in my plant, I am no longer concerned about our audits when we switch Sanitation Managers or contract sanitation companies.

Food Safety Manager

Food Manufacturing Plant

We started using KLEANZ for just the MSS tasks and self audits. The Nexcor team showed us ways to make tracking everything we needed for SQF so much simpler than we ever expected. Now we include line releases, change-overs, operator cleaning tasks, training tracking and much more. It is all in one place.

The CORE Step Deployment

Nexcor's CORE Step deployment methodology guides plants through the process of automating their Food Safety Compliance system. We have taken our decades of experience deploying literally hundreds of sites to streamline the implementation steps while ensuring your expectations are met.

KLEANZ is a founding member of the Global Food Safety Compliance Initiative

The KLEANZ solution is certified to function with all Global Food Safety Compliance systems.

Simplify your company's compliance requirements with KLEANZ.

The KLEANZ Family Offerings

KLEANZ is a scalable and flexible platform designed for tracking everything Food Safety. We have solutions available for all needs. The ability to integrate to other systems include ERP (accounting), CIP, CMMS, time clocks, etc. is built into KLEANZ.

Major points include:

On the Cloud

For the companies that desire it, your KLEANZ deployment is in the cloud.

On Premises

For companies that desire or require their data be on site, your deployment is in your data center or plant.

Outstanding Support

24/7/365 Support. You are never alone if you have a question.

Full Featured

All areas of the food safety compliance and sanitation management are in KLEANZ. Let us show you!

Highly Configurable

You are teamed with experienced food safety professionals using Nexcor's CORE Step method to ensure nothing is missed.


Military spec food safe hand held computers for on the plant floor use.