You will find your bicycle somewhere in the neighborhood of the station.

Our store is open 24/7.

Mott needs to help Metin more than he does.

I think you should go to Christofer's funeral.


Between 1820 and 1973, the United States admitted more than 46 million immigrants.

You're not going to make me drink alone, are you?

Emily wants everyone to get out of here.

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Have you ever seen Richard's mother?

The more unintelligent a man is, the less mysterious existence seems to him.

The confused travelers realized they were headed toward the wrong town.

The French are our neighbors across the Channel.

I can't make him love me.

I'm quite a bit older than you.

You don't have to do this, you know.

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What's the air temperature today?

I come from Australia.

Hold on to the strap. The train will start to move soon.

"Well, OK," Willie finally agreed.

This was the coldest winter in twenty years.

Her old cat is still alive.

Kusum wishes he could afford to buy the kind of computer Celia bought.

He'll become a father soon.

I can go a couple of days without eating if I have to.


She was invited to a party.

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You did really well.


They say the gods smite evil with thunderbolts.


The grief-stricken family had to wait more than a decade to see their son's killer brought to justice.


Woods burn easily.

Honzo got into the car and slammed the door.

It really is that simple.

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Please take out the trash.

He was delighted at the result.

Duncan is both intelligent and kind.

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On the last page, Wolfgang wrote: "Where did I leave my glasses?"


Is this your first examination?

I'm sure Elsa is aware of that.

No matter where you go, I'll follow you.

It rained so hard that we decided to visit him some other time.

I have to be very careful, Danielle.

What does Tony do?

He is much better than me at the high jump.

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Jayesh is going to replace Casper.

I never liked green peppers.

Ten people died, a woman among them.

Benson and Holmes analyzed the psychological effect of artificial insemination on parents.

Not only your father but also I am against your plan.

I had a very stimulating conversation with Sergei.

Jared stroked Kate's hair.


I know how you felt about them.


Val was off duty this afternoon.

What've you done now, Mac?

Why do you insist on going?

Do as he says.

I have made a most marvellous discovery.

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It's a good idea to study the language and culture of the country you're going to visit.

English isn't his first language.

Why do bees die after stinging?

Charles lived a life of debauchery when he was young.

They won't believe it.

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Lloyd is the person who motivated me and gave me strength at all times to go ahead in the right direction.

Both the boy and the girl are clever.

Both you and I are students.

He's self-conscious because of his unibrow.

Why are you working here?

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Catch it and bring it to Darwin.

He was thinking, with his arms folded.

Not a soul was to be seen because of a dense fog.

I know you won't do it.

The only question now is how we're going to get home.

I wish I hadn't married Ning.

I'm proud of her.

I never trusted him.

He's a historian. He's now studying the structure of war.

Since happiness doesn't exist, we must strive to be happy without it.

Nothing will make up for his past mistakes.


Wherever I go, I bring myself with me.

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Sri just let Wayne get away.

I can't insert the letter "K" in my keyboard.

Horst's dog bit Brenda's hand.


They carried on the summit conference till late.


The rain whipped against the window.


Fletcher is ugly, but he's really nice.

Those probably won't become famous.

I didn't recognize her.


He need not have called a taxi.


Sonja appears confused.

I guess I was expecting a little more.

It is easy to slip and fall during icy winters.


I reckon that I'm right.

Please give an example of usage.

The guests are drinking Champagne.

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He loves her hair, her smile, her eyes? Wow, he is fucking good at telling lies!

Leo alerted police.

Shoes are sold in pairs.

The child bothered him with questions.

A man appeared at the door.

How long were they there?

Children grow very quickly.

We told Dawn not to stay out late.

Do not take a picture of me!

Some girls are naturally pretty.

We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.


Do you have a bus pass?


Dewey had no choice but to leave.

What kind of music do you enjoy listening to?

Which wire should I cut, the red one or the white one?

Let's take the bus.

I suddenly thought of my dead mother.

There is a key on the desk.

I was given a camera by my uncle.

I'll do anything you wish.

Connie was alone in the house.

Novo always takes his time in everything he does.

The actress murdered her lines.


Read this in the evening!


The two of us are finally alone.

My knees crack when I run.

I knew that was him.


We're not responsible.

Few people are free from cares.

I wanted to give you a chance.

Scott and Knudsen are expecting you.

I caught sight of Namie Amuro.


No one had ever heard of that.

Both partners are taking more time and care to enjoy their sexual experience to the fullest.

Many a man has predicted it.

The longer you hide your feelings for someone, the more you fall for them.

You can't see gas; it's invisible.


She took pains in educating the children.


It is illegal to park a car there.

He says one thing and means another.

I told you never to call me again.

There's a phone call for you!

My gerbil has gone missing.

He cannot swim.

Cristopher's friends called him Money Bags.

The whole audience erupted in laughter.

How much time are you planning on being at the library?

I want you to look at something for me.

Doesn't anyone want to know why we're here?

It's said that the mayor is on the take.

Won't you have another piece of cake?

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This was not a joke.

Be nice and cook for your friend.

Norman picked the book up and handed it to Jingbai.

Bret handed Olof a knife.

Have you ever gone spear fishing?

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The typhoon prevented us from returning to Tokyo.

She found a job.

Susan could hardly walk.

What are those kids doing?

What a tall tree this is!

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They stole her wallet on the train.

Kayvan has been there for over three years.

Vickie is Patty's half-brother.

Why would that bother him?

To me, there aren't any fundamental differences between the cultures of these two countries.

If she were still alive, Billie Holiday would be 100 today.

Dan arrived on time.

I don't think I can make it to your party.

Stacey wanted to find some stability for himself.


What do you mean by 'White Anglo-Saxon'? Have there ever been any black, yellow or red Anglo-Saxons?