MASP Star Sign
Mid Atlantic Star Party

A Gathering of Amateur Astronomers
Lattitude: 35 26' 11"N Longitude: 79 33' 01"W
This page updated 17 Sept 2012
The MASP site is well away from big city lights East of the community of Robbins, NC. This is about halfway between the Star Party "Stellafane" in Springfield, VT and the "Winter Star Party" in the Florida Keys, between Dillon, SC and Winston Salem, NC as well as between Washington DC and Atlanta, GA.

Star and Arrow road signs like the one in the upper corner of these web pages point the way to MASP from nearby intersections. These temporary signs are placed at intersections within a few miles of MASP. The MASP entrance is on the North Side of the site.

MASP Entrance:
entrance photo
The view is SSE upon entering the gate. The building is immediately to the left, just out of sight under the shade of the trees in front of the car. The Next photo is due South from treeline that ends just left of center in this photo.

Main Field South photo
Photo looking South from the Southern Side of the shade trees around the Conference Building. This is approximately the view planned for the Motor Homes and Travel Trailers that reserve hookups this year.

photo, observing area looking SSW
This picture is from the North most corner of the 2nd observing field looking SSW toward the cluster of trees which shade the conference building. The previous picture was taken from the left side of these shade trees looking South. The entrance and registration is located on the other side of the shade trees directly ahead. The extreme left of this photo is approximately South West and the Extreme Right side of this photo is approximately West.

inside conference building photo
This picture is of the inside of the 40' by 80' conference building looking toward the food preparation and service area.
Second draft site map:
photo, observing area looking SSW

Link to MapQuest, click on the star or the map: