Virtues are the vices of the majority.

Could you tell me how to get to the nearest station?

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There are various ways to take care of the problem.


Throwing knives were stuck deep into the men's necks.

We both know that's not true.

Was it a joke?

Tell me what you're talking about.

It's advisable to check whether there'll be any adverse affects if you drink alcohol while taking the medication you've been prescribed.


I must see her.


We must think about recycling energy.

To call the elevator, push the button.

There is much undeserved prejudice against Esperanto.

Why are they questioning her?

Why did Naomi kiss me?

Spass invited me to go out on his motorboat.

It's high time to make room for young people.

Claudio had a silly look on his face.

The weather couldn't have been better.

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You've already decided to go swimming, haven't you?

He gazed at me.

Why can't you leave me alone?


I repeated what he said word for word.

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Please let me know if you need anything.

Cuckoos visit here in spring.

We have to defend our country at any expense.

The brothers were born twelve years apart.

There is insufficient light for reading.

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The customer isn't always right.

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I know this must be very difficult for you.


We will report the results when known.


Britain is colder than Italy.

What will the postage be?

The results were shocking.


I'm going to be away a long time.


What's your favorite racing game?

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Stevan felt an urge to kill Spencer.


Let me know!


I already begun.

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The English and German sentences have totally different meanings.

Barbra doesn't have expensive tastes.

Are you telling me you're not happy here?

Is this our cabin?

French and Arabic are spoken in this country.


Knut leaned over and picked the coin up.


I'd cut down those trees if I were you.

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Barbra and Elizabeth aren't the only two who don't understand.

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Pomegranates are increasingly popular in cooking and baking, whether as juice, garnish, or focal ingredient.

I have a bit of an emergency.

I don't like having my photo taken.

Raif isn't anything like Case.

Nou will come on October 20th.

Let me go in and talk to Claudia.

Winning isn't the only thing that matters.

Water depth in front of main berths is 13.5 m below CD.

Matthias put on his new shoes.

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Shirley couldn't believe it was already time to go home.

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Yours is worse.


Did you tell Vern what you were hired to do?


Sue isn't very likely to win.

I think Ozan wants to sell us something.

This substance is going from liquid to solid state.


According to functionalist theory, acne outbreaks provide a necessary limit on the number of prom attendees.


Oh come on, don't be scared.

I went aboard.

I want you to know what to expect.

Ellen and I used to be in the same class.

I think Kuldip did well.

I thought you needed the rest.

What's the quickest way to deal with this problem?

Thank you for explaining everything.

The behaviour of the Princess Monaco, one of the many victims of the French revolution, on the morning of her execution, will be long remembered for its eccentricity and heroism.


This isn't your fault.

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He knew that life would never be the same again.

I wouldn't worry about him.

Amarth thinks I'm going to drink this, but I'm not.


Give her a dollar.

Catherine is really ambitious.

I was elected to the Senate in 2008.

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The most frightening of our enemies are often the smallest ones.

I have something I want you to consider.

Connie likes making paper airplanes.


Now that I'm thinner, I can fit into this dress.


I'm sorry if my words caused you pain.

In the case of language, however, it is only the ability to talk and understand that we inherit genetically; the particular language or languages that we speak are passed on to us not by genetic transmission but by cultural transmission.

Giles has a craving for chocolate ice cream.

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His house is on the bank of the river.

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I love Toki Pona.

You speak my language.

I don't want to risk my life.

In retrospect, that decision was a mistake.

No one wants to feel stupid.

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Does truth matter?

I didn't mean to offend anyone.

Where is the Swedish embassy?

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He was persuaded into doing it against his own wishes.


The bus was two minutes early.

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I told Sid to save a piece of cake for me.

Can you recommend me a place to stay in London?

Do you have anything less expensive?


Generally speaking, men can run faster than women can.


What will happen to her?


I'm sure she doesn't have an alcohol problem.

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"It was a big dumpster," Dima said. "And there was a lot of food, so... It wasn't exactly uncomfortable. But yes, smellier than a donkey's behind."


I shouldn't have asked Sharada to help.

I don't want her to find me.

That's what I expected of my daughter.

I guess I'd better go.

I woke up at four.

The important thing is not to win, but that the other loses.

I warned her.


Norman can play tennis well.


I can pay no more than $50 a week for rent.


I'm getting tired of doing this.

The women went to the celebration dressed to the nines.

Why don't you come over to my place?

Tracey is mixing flour with sugar.

We know that the greatest works can be represented in model, and that the universe can be represented by the same means.


Tell me when we reach the city.

You say that your savings are piling up and you have no way of spending them? That's really an extravagant kind of worry to have.

Show me another watch.

Do you know Hon's boyfriend's name?

We'll stay here as long as we can.


Cindy left Carole in the kitchen.


Juan and Granville went to a jazz festival.


Kyle has three months to live.

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This place was sanctified.


Let me talk to Saumya alone.

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That's not what I was thinking.

Kristi disappeared a year ago.

Nicolette and I seldom eat together.


Father, I am guilty.


When Columbus discovered America, bison (American buffalo) inhabited a wide-ranging area.

I intend on fighting till the end.

It's rubbish!

You're not going to find us.

Don't grow too fond of Heinz.

I'll buy the next round.

Did Lynne tell Shutoku how to do it?

The air is a medium for sound.

I'm just waiting for him.

I hope nothing happened to him.

I'm saving up for a new car.

I can't understand how can you imitate him so exactly.

Sitting down all day is bad for you.