How many players are there in a soccer team?

Srivatsan was bored.

How much is the tax?

Come down here!

I missed the plane. Could I take the next one?

I do business here.

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You will need an armed escort.

Fred probably thought I liked Boston.

If I had known your telephone number, I would have called you.

Aaron found new evidence.

He keeps a diary in English.


That's just not acceptable.

Is that your new boyfriend?

My uncle and aunt like spending their summer vacation at a seaside resort. They go sea-bathing everyday during their stay.

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A question arose as to who should be the leader.

This guitar originally belonged to Rajarshi.

We may refuse to accept the proposal.

Brad didn't kill his wife.

Do you have a son?

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Kent parked his car behind the building.

Nobody that has any common sense would think of doing such nonsense.

She respected her sister.

I don't want to go to school today.

It was in this room that we had the meeting last Friday.

She spaced out in front of the TV.

I got older, and so I started looking at things differently.

He has been playing chess since he was in high school.

Suit yourself.

The second language may be freely chosen.

I sometimes just don't want to get out of bed in the morning.

Many couples end in divorce.

There's only one thing we can do now!


I'll be glad to join you.


"I'm sorry, Carol." "Why are you apologizing?" "I was just thinking that I might be bothering you." "No, you aren't bothering me at all."

You talked to Stevan yesterday, didn't you?

I don't understand this sentence.

I'm going to miss having you around.

"If you'll excuse me..." he said. I think it's a shame.


Why did you let her go?


Recently, Roberto has been worrying about his future.

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In my pencil case, I have a rubber.


Is that dangerous?

Siping thought the situation was really sad.

Midterm elections are often disastrous for the parties in power.


Go away: I'm working.

It can be fatal.

I got word that Theodore wants to divorce him.

You probably can't do that.

The clear and refreshing sound of the wind chimes is one of the characteristics of summers in Japan, but in recent years the number of people who perceive it merely as noise has been increasing.

You get more beautiful every year.

We're supposed to meet Alan in thirty minutes.

I almost slapped Takayuki.

Jelske's father never came back home before nine or ten.

I always leave the window open while I sleep.

He felt free as a bird half a year ago.

Jwahar rinsed out his mug and then refilled it with coffee.

He read English Literature at Oxford University.

Stay where you are!

If he had come five minutes later, he would have missed the train.

I must buy a new pair of shoes.

You owe her an apology.


I'm still trying to get used to the new system.

You're a hard nut to crack.

I'm not sure I understand what you're saying.

The teacher did not permit the students to leave the lecture hall.

The flower pot is broken.


She looks like her mother.

I thought the phrase meant goodbye.

Soldiers barred the way to the city.


I don't want to achieve immortality through my work. I want to achieve it through not dying.

He has two cats, one is white and one is black.

Which subject do you like the most?


Why have you been asking me these questions?


Eventually, an ambulance arrived.

I need what you have.

Alvin wore her favorite necklace.

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That little boy is wearing glasses.

They couldn't find the problem.

Sanand is a better chess player than I am.


Who's taking responsibility for this problem?

With the mop I remove all the stains and prescribed sins.

Colin needs to win.

I couldn't finish my sandwich.

Darrell finally realized that he'd been wrong.


What a jungle!

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I've come to know Griff quite well.

We are nearing our goal.

We agreed to refrain from smoking while we are at work.


I am off today.

The new secretary doesn't strike me as efficient.

She's really gorgeous.

Whoops! There aren't many live coals left! Go make some kindling would you?

Celia doesn't have that kind of money.

They had been married for ten years by that time.

I didn't know Glen could speak French.

During these years he wrote immortal poems.

Isn't that exciting?

Country people are often afraid of strangers.

Do you want to sit somewhere else?


It will be dreadfully hot.

The ax is used for cutting firewood and trees.

Nick will never notice the difference.

Tuna shoved his books into his backpack.

It is an ethnically diverse school.


I'm supposed to be finding Andrew a good lawyer.


My name is Mayo. How can I help you?

If Sharan is still inside the house, then he's probably safe.

That's not in my line outside my field.

What can be done? These are market forces.

Turkey is a developed country.

The soil here is fertile.

I've been married three times.

It's OK, Dan. Just go home.

There were no signs of life on the island.

Hello, what's that? Somebody doing street theatre or something?

It's going to be a little bit of a problem.


I'll worry about that.


Lin is a really bad singer.

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What's Reinhard got to do with this?

Face the consequence of your actions.

Excessive drinking is destructive of our health.

I didn't think the house would burn down so quickly.

Michelle doesn't need to wait.


I know who Gregg is.

You must be the temporary we asked for.

I mostly agree with what he said.

Christofer has straight hair.

Please just take me home.

I'll stay until evening.

We moved our bags to make room for the elderly lady to sit down.

A friend is always ready to do a favor.

Why do you come here?

There are no two words with an identical meaning.

Evelyn tried to think of something to say.


Werner is in custody.

We can do nothing for them.

I'm as tall as you.

I met Lana for dinner.

It's very risky.

This should becalm you.

Do you know how much these shoes cost?

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Do not steal, do not lie, do not be lazy.

He seems to have a habit of getting on his coworker's back when he makes a mistake.

Clear foresight contributed greatly to his success.

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These articles are not for sale.

We have no one to guide us.

We cook with a stick.

Toft is back in his apartment.

There must be a logical explanation for this.


I guess I'll find out soon enough.

I just got back from the States yesterday, so I'm still thinking in English.

We can't afford to waste any more time.

Finally, my father compromised.

You need to move away.

Do you like them?

He is a good violinist, isn't he?

As a proud new father, I gave my first child plenty of books.

How do I get to the city?

An inner defect never fails to express itself outwardly.

My predecessors had asked their questions of nature with genuine curiosity and awaited her reply.

Japan must take over that role now.

They should have stopped while they had the chance.


There were a lot of great bands at the festival.

Dan threatened to send Linda back to the mental hospital.

The plan is working perfectly.


I'm kind of scared.