You smell nice.

Isn't everything beautiful?

John wanted to be completely independent of his family.

The birds jumped from branch to branch.

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Please ask Ragnar to call me back at his earliest convenience.

Ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.

People don't know how to drive in this town.


A child is very sensitive to its mother's love.

If you want a good seat, you should get there early.

We will not be beholden to special interests.

Don't give him any ideas.

I saw Charley last night in the library.


She was surprised to see him.

We sang in loud voices.

Sorry, but I have to hurry. I have no time to explain this in detail.

He's going from strength to strength.

The news of the mayor's resignation traveled fast.

Do you believe what Mitch told us?

The book consists of thirty chapters.

She has got it.

Olson acted foolishly.

Chet gave a good performance.

Nou had a strange look on her face.

The poor father forced himself to ask the sexton whether she had been to mass.

In winter our lips get chapped.


He acts like a tough guy.

There were rumors about us, but they weren't true.

Dan was shot in the back of the head.

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I was expecting you at 11:00 a.m.

A great treasure was discovered in a sunken ship.

Do you feel like talking about it?


Clarence is waiting out front.

Betty didn't have a choice.

Just because Marguerite said he had never met Carlos doesn't mean it's true.

Knut doesn't know much about sailing, does he?

Dan accused Linda of stealing rations.

How much can you pay?

Dan didn't speak of it.


Am I supposed to be afraid of you?


I work as a consultant.

I suggested that we end the meeting.

I feel so pretty.


This and that are two different stories.

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I've been sent to give you this.

One of my bicycle tires is flat.

Please pay the tax.

Here, have some candy.

He was more than a king.

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The girl broke into tears.

I'll make sure we never see Randell again.

We aren't done yet.


I have an exciting announcement.

What happened freaked them out.

Liza doesn't look too busy.


Something doesn't make any sense.

May I use that?

Dimetry wouldn't change his mind.


Don't you see the exit sign over there?

I can't understand his feeling.

Jane denied that allegation.


I had no toys or anything else, so I used a chalk that had been bought for me and drew pictures and letters on a closet door.

You're getting quite good at this.

He has the ability to do the job.

He helped an old lady to get up from her seat.

She has a cat and two dogs.

Let's talk about ways that we might prevent this from happening again in the future.

The problem's a little more complicated than that.


Nate claimed he wasn't afraid.

We would rather go to the zoo than to the park.

According to his schedule, Clay should've been here by now.


It is very cold outside. You'll catch a cold without a coat.

She's teaching children from disadvantaged families how to read.

I cannot help laughing at you.

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Are these studless tyres?

Let me stay with him just five more minutes.

She is always scared.


Edith didn't much like what he saw.


You recognize her, don't you?

Son says he's not coming.

According to Kimmo, Danish is the most beautiful language in the world.

The crescent moon still shone as the sun was rising over the skyline in the east.

I asked for help.

There was a violent clash of opinions between the two leaders.

I'll probably be fishing.

I thought I could smoke.

I'm on cloud nine.

Do you have news for me?

Edward sat on a log, picking his guitar.


I don't want you to change.


Ken will be a good teacher.

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What a weird guy.

Is that what Albert would really want?

I'd like to rent a compact car.

Were you at the party?

He is being carried away by a student movement.

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Don't pay any attention to the boss.

What if someone finds out?

Are you excited?

Jacob's loud snoring kept me awake all night.

I can never forget my hometown.

A generous tax break will be provided to foreign companies that set up factories in the area.

Adrian has confidence in his own ability.

She protects you every day.

They both smiled.

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All mammals have seven cervical vertebrae.

Are you going to kill him?

That day, the rain that had been falling since morning seemed as if it was about to stop around the time that the streetlamps are lit, but as night came it suddenly turned into pouring rain.


Everything's about you, so I'm not going!


I could've done much better.

I've got a plastic glass.

I may not be completely objective.

You're such a pig.

We are not born for ourselves.


My sister got a job with an airline company and became a flight attendant.

Open a book and it will open your soul.

Matti looked a little bewildered.

What time do you think it is? Where have you been out so late?

The results of a lie detector test are inadmissible in court.

Ross helped me find my way here.

Why can't I play with my friends?

This jacket is a tight fit.

My flat is on the third floor.

Eugene is our leader.

Stanislaw is dependent on his wife.

It's a very dangerous system.

The playful elephant calf chased egrets through the lush grass of the savannah.


Why are we going to Australia?

Yes, I'm afraid so.

They hate our guts.

I usually get up at eight o'clock.

I'm pretty sure Phiroze's discreet.


You are hot!

I think she's hiding something.

Do you have another plan?

Why are we really here?

I can now die happily.

Dawn is coming.

My therapist told me to go to a bar and strike up a conversation with a complete stranger.

The lack of a public sphere in Europe is being felt increasingly keenly.

Ninja drew a line down the middle of the page.

Children are sometimes wild.

My one wish is that the world could have an international language.

What's going on here?

His reputation was at stake.

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Dwight was accused of stealing money from the cash register.

Has Jacobson told Vilhelm that he can't speak French at all?

There is no rest for the poor.


He tried to conceal his ineptitude in a not-so-deft sleight of hand.

I don't remember my grandmother's face exactly.

Is snuggling the same as snorkeling?

I'm not placing you under arrest.

As far as I can tell, Brandy's French is pretty good.

I can't carry all that baggage.

I always take a bus.

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It's small of you to speak ill of your friends.

We have no objection to doing that.

Peter is thirty-one.

Brush your teeth after meals.

Do you know what you should do?

Tell him everything is fine.

Shall I have him mail this letter?


Did you cook the potatoes in their jackets?

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It weighed perhaps 300 kilograms.

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Juliane lay on a sofa with his eyes closed.