Get some tofu on the way back.

A red rose means love.

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Children often rub their eyes when they are tired.

What makes them special?

This farm yields enough vegetables to meet our needs.

This doesn't bode well at all.

Did you get anything to eat on your way home?


Robbin says he'll do nothing.

They're really obese.

I'd like to pay for this with my Visa card.

The Freedom of Information Act should be administered with a clear presumption: In the face of doubt, openness prevails.

That is not one of my priorities.


Which one do you think he chose?


I am in no small degree indebted to him.


The meeting was interrupted.

I've got nothing to do.

This is definitely not what I wanted.

Is there a company board?

Rudolph scored three points.

They want to see how we react.

There was nothing she could have done.

He's able-bodied, so he's gonna join the army.

It's an open secret.

Jarl was carrying a pair of cross-country skis that he'd borrowed from Jeremy's husband.

He likes his school a lot.

The little boy is used to talking with grown-ups.

I cannot tell you how disgusted I felt with myself when I realized what I was doing.

Stop pulling my hair.

I saw him get killed right in front of me.

Our lives are in grave danger.

Eva climbed the stairs to Romer's office, trying to analyse the complex smell in the stairwell - a cross between mushrooms and soot, ancient stour and mildew, she decided.

My impression of the United States is very good.

They all boosted the candidate.

What have I taught you?

I read the entire works of Milton over the holiday.

I'm at home.

Get out of the kitchen!

Eva thinks I'm missing this great opportunity.

Christofer didn't even get to say goodbye.

Kim grabbed Johann by the collar.

What was the music you were listening to?

That's how I know you love them.

We'll be waiting for you in the lobby.

Graham will succeed for sure.

We need about five men to lift these heavy cases.

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What happened this morning?


Which do you drink more, coffee or tea?

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I'm willing to share.

Are you going to Boston?

You guys make a very attractive couple.

Eddy bought a new house.

Julia gives her daughter a kiss.


Do we really have to go there?

What is she worried about?

I heard something new today.


Why isn't Cathrin in jail?


I denied it.

That was her.

Let me show you to the elevator.

This feels good.

If he studied hard, he could pass the test.


The trains are running in this snow.

She's way out of your league.

I've narrowed it down to three options.

I want to breathe some fresh air.

Val complains more often than Ethan does.

No one knew who he was.

She pulled her car up at the gate.


How do you plan to handle this?


Ralph was able to solve the problem.

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Let me think for a second.

You shouldn't say it.

Wolfgang wants to have a meeting with you.

I want coffee, toast, and jelly.

I believe this man is lost.

Manny got taken to the cleaners.

Mike looked into the living room.

Nick is swimming in the neighbor's pool.

Brender was just a lonely exchange student.


Let's begin with soup.

Maybe we can find someplace to park further up the street.

His modesty prevented him from making his feelings known to her.

The girl tore the cloth.

I'll give you that.

She quit her job.

You keep forgetting to pay the bills.


She's been learning German for a year now.

You must account for your absence from the meeting.

Their furniture was chosen for utility rather than style.

It was too nice a day to stay inside.

I don't like your attitude.

How long do you think it's been?

I am going to introduce you to the rest of the crew.


It's not worth much.

Solitude is fine, but you need someone to tell you that solitude is fine.

Why did the FBI raid Piotr's house?

Can you show me the way to the aquarium?

He twisted my arm.


We were just in time.

Is there a MacDonald's around here?

He can't swim, he will sink!

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Would that be acceptable?

Pratt doesn't have to do that right away.

To my great disappointment, she didn't come.

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Some comments are scary.

It's not necessary to take all of that medicine.

I'm dead broke.

In their family, they have always been farmers from father to son.

There isn't anyone here but us.

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A stray dog followed Raman home and he decided to keep it.

The hunter was alert to every sound and movement.

On that day we want to spend a pleasant evening with some friends.

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See what I did!

Can I get you some tea?

That is not my field of work.

I saw the moon above the horizon.

I'm sure we can do it, but not right away.

Shari is in the house.

Lay these books on my desk, if you don't mind.

Half the world knows not how the other half lives.

Earl blew Wes a kiss.

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

What a small world!

I'm glad you came out on top.

Nicolas was not surprised by what he read in the report.

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Mr. Bell is due to make a speech tonight.

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The music was terrific.

Who can say what will happen in the future?

That is pretty fucking sick.

Who is the chairperson of the meeting?

This coat may well fit you.

I'm pretty sure Marc and Bill don't know each other.

Avery took his girlfriend out on Saturday night.

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Mara doesn't care what happens to his old car.

Do you have a date for Valentine's Day?

He adored his school.


I can't disagree with Dwight.

Cliff knew what Omar had in mind.

Rees was just sitting in his car, looking at people walk by.

I'm not ready to fight.

Whether or not Izchak's venture will succeed, only time will tell.

Have you ever considered it?

The teacher grades easily.

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Alexander won't say yes.

Ask him if he can speak Japanese.

Israel is going to get better.

Kato's class consists of forty boys and girls.

Laurie seems to be running away from something.

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He said that he loves me and wants to marry me.

Some people never fail to astonish me.

I have a feeling you're going to get your wish.

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You're the one I like.

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I suppose you'll need a crowbar to open that crate.

I want to go over it again.

Vistlik asked for a higher salary.


"I can't stand my sister's kids." "But they're so cute!"

I won't let anyone hurt Eric.

I'm starting college in a couple of months.

I need help now.

What's that got to do with us?


Italy is bounded on the north by Switzerland.


I know Boston well.

They are against nuclear power.

We want to be international.

He came at an inopportune time.

I have no idea how to do that.