Illness prevented me from going to school.


How many likes did you get?

Don't give up halfway.

I doubt if anyone even remembers his name now, except for me.

I don't eat at the school cafeteria every day.

Atoms are composed of protons, neutrons, and electrons.

He was happy to have passed the examination.

I think it's just a typo, rather than a grammatical error.

In 1864, Lincoln decided to run for re-election.

Marian ate what many people call a healthy diet.

Anatomical breast implants, however, could also deform the shape of the breast if they rotate sideways.

Beckie said he wanted to go home early today.


Show me how to do it, please.

Today is Friday.

I'll do what you say.


Tears again welled up in his eyes, tears of indignation!

Stop. It hurts.

Jock is banging on the front door.

You shouldn't talk to Miles.

I was speaking with your friend.

Please tell Matthieu I can't come to his party.

Do you have any eights?


You'll be safe if I'm with you.


I want to go somewhere else.

Show me everything you've got on Presley.

I love being taken care of.


Skef stormed out of the room.

There were some three thousand people who took part in the strike last week.

He had enough wisdom to refuse the offer.


This isn't right.

Did you just call me lazy?

When I woke up, the day was breaking.


The LDP brought out a bill to raise taxes, but they met with such violent opposition that they backed down.

We're dieting.

Give me one minute.


They're keeping it under wraps.

I'm going to drive Ning there myself.

I can't find anything out of the ordinary.

Let's leave it up to him.

His complaints never cease.

Dan was also tortured.

We waste a lot of time.

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Troy doesn't eat any meat.


It's rigged.

Your time will come soon.

I had an abortion two years ago.

My brother speaks very quickly.

Tell me what Raghu took with him.

I hope he will get through the exam.

On hearing the noise, my brother started to cry.

Discussing the matter further will get you nowhere.

I'm so happy to see you.

You don't know what this means to me.

The bridge was to be built by the soldiers.


New stamps will be issued next month.

I cut off a part of my pantleg and used it as bandage.

It seems I was wrong about them.

I was in the hospital for a week.

I gave him the morning off.


He beguiled me into accepting it.


Your ship sails at a quarter past four.

Jealousy was the motive for the murder.

It is expected that the tsunami surge will be ten meters or less.

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He is a hard worker, and I'm sure that he will succeed in that new job.

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I asked him for advice.

What is your favorite fish to eat?

Don't interrupt me when I'm talking!

I had to do everything myself.

She believes you.


Moran likes to do things his own way.

Where did you want to take them?

Stop dreaming! If you can't work, you can't go to Germany.


Let's get our bearings before we go any further.

You can't take that.

Skeeter entered the house.

Please come back.

Mother tied up three pencils with a piece of string.

Humans may have co-evolved with cats and dogs, and they may identify with either.

Do you have an alibi?

We must be off early tomorrow morning.

They hoped to sell the stocks at even higher prices.

Annard's daughter drew him a picture.

This plate isn't very clean.

He probably won't go on the picnic tomorrow. I won't either.

Are you Darci's lawyer?

It's like this.

Were you born there?

The air here is clean.

Why don't you just ask her?

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Who did you think we were?

I let them talk.

Show me your sketches.


I wrote a song about it.

I wonder if we're alone in the universe.

Why are you so fast?

That's a nice jacket.

I saw my mother hiding the cake.

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Do you want in or not?


The fork made its way to Western tables several hundred years later, but it was not immediately accepted.

Henry is really popular, isn't he?

I saw something very bright fly across the night sky.

He pinched my arm.

Of course, I didn't tell Henry.

He was caught stealing apples.

She sighed over her unhappy fate.

Why should I get a dog?

Who are those people?

They're not very friendly at this restaurant.

She doesn't actually live in Deal.

You'd be surprised at some of the things I know how to do.

A driver is deeply attached to his old car.

Milo opened the freezer and took out a container of ice cream.

You must make decisions about your responsibility in the light of your conscience.

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In what month were you guys born?

She gave way to the temptation to buy the jewel.

This question is by no means easy.

The police found two crushed mobile phones in a trash can near the site of the killings and are attempting to exploit the data contained in them.

I just wanted to see how you were doing.


I want to protect them.

And I thought you could smoke here.

How often do you wash your bed sheets?

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Allen isn't as pretty as her sister.

Al's parents didn't come to the school play.

I have an urgent matter to attend to.


The party was a big disappointment.

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How is the word accented?


Ravindran has no moral values.

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There is a bookstore in front of the department store.

I haven't actually slept with him.

He read the book yesterday.

We were all surprised that Sriram won the race.

Such things have been known to happen.


Some believe that the number seven is lucky.

What a good tennis player he is!

Sit back and listen.


Laurel told June he thought she was an idiot.

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I bade the boy go out.

Pelicans have large beaks.

The poor child was born deaf and dumb.

Sanford and Elliott decorated the gym with balloons.

I don't know for certain who he is.


Pria wasn't married to Vince at that time.


Roxie grew up in squalid conditions.

I firmly believe that.

It is hard to master it in a year or two.

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On another plan there was the prediction of a new age.

You shouldn't demean people who aren't as smart as you are. Remember: no matter how smart you may be, there will always be someone even smarter.

Sally didn't even shake my hand.

Cynthia wants a computer small enough to easily carry.

I never made such a promise.

How long does Tony run every day?

Charlene doesn't even know why he was expelled from school.

He has consistently endeavored to help the poor.

This doctor is an authority on childhood diseases.

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They don't have to answer.

Jingbai talked with William about it.

This process has a lot of inconveniences.


Would you mind if we put this off until tomorrow?


The bottle was filled with what looked like sand.

It seems probable that the licentiousness ordinarily imputed to Sappho may be a calumny.

The potato was so hot that it burned my mouth.