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What does she do in his office?

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Roger left the farm when he was still very young.

You matter.

The weather report is faulty.

Edmund was visibly annoyed.

I don't feel like going out on such a day.

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Donostia is a city in the Basque Country.

I have got much homework.

It is very kind of you to send me such a nice present.

Wes didn't used to drink so much.

They warned the ship about the danger.

There's nothing I can do about that.

Let her carry it.

I teach Donald's children French three days a week.

I think that's an unreasonable demand.


Gerald seems to be smart.

Julia is a good chess player.

Christofer has permission to use my bicycle.

I reckon that I'm right.

Are you going to come back to Italy next year?


I liked this band before they became popular.


Don't trust him, whatever he says.

Kayvan did it in his own way.

You're from Australia, right?

Do you see the difference?

Pete is a terrible roommate.

No matter how old you are, it is still possible to learn.

I always thought it was weird.


Becky is much more experienced than me.


She didn't love him, she would never love him; he has inspired in her a secret and inexplicable dislike.


He refused to believe that she was guilty.

Now give it back.

Let's take it one step further.

I guess I have no choice but to work out now.

What he said yesterday was not in accord with what he said last week.

The old hippy didn't need any drugs; he was high on life.

One of these two answers is right.


I never said any of that.

I had it made after my own plan.

Tell Laurianne he has to do everything Giovanni asks him to do.

Alberto slept through the earthquake.

She was accepted by Harvard.


Let us give you a piece of advice.

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What am I going to say to her?

The story is consistent with the evidence.

I'm trying to get a tan.

The cables were custom-made.

He thinks nothing of his illness.

I became a woman.

Bill is seldom ever on time.


We used to spend hours over there.

I was clueless.

Miek asked Natraj to marry him soon after they'd met.

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Alvin likes doll houses.

He didn't look happy.

I have to do whatever Penny tells me to do.

Izumi scratched his back with a backscratcher.

We'll be there rain or shine.

The team were quite nervous before the game.

I could never replace him.

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The thermometer reads 10 degrees.

Is this good French?

What am I supposed to do with this?


That Italian author is little known in Japan.

Don't talk to me about religion.

We've been asked to investigate.

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He frowned and turned away.

Why should Courtney say anything?

Could somebody help me to carry this?

She's good to me you know.

We're fasting.


I'm not here to look cute.

The picture has already been finished by him.

Would you have asked me this question if I had been a man?


Many fans are gathering in front of the singer's car.

It's all been written.

This sentence has a predicate but no subject.


We don't see this eye to eye, but it's not me who is wrong.

I was a fool to trust you.

You can eat lunch here in this room.

I have read the book.

I like living with Florian.


I am currently learning Esperanto.


I never leave home without it.


She was dismayed at the news.


I can respond to his question.


Adrian sometimes has trouble keeping his balance.

We're creative.

We started at once, otherwise we would have missed him.

Now, all heads turn toward the dean, who sits surrounded by a faint halo of light.

Pick up the knife.

Is that all you can talk about - the Internet?

Luc is pretty devastated.

Cleanse me! Release me! Set me free!

We will change it.


Val didn't talk to the police.

I don't feel like going to school today.

I will carry out this plan at any price.

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Vistlik was drunk and he said some things he shouldn't have.

Don't tell him you're a cop.

We helped him financially.


Thuan is always involved in scams.

I don't think that's a real diamond.

How much did you have to drink?


We went out for a walk after dinner.

This doesn't work.

You have to be positive.


Translate this into English, please.

The arrow pierced the thick board.

A woman fell from a ship into the sea.

You were late this morning.

Come closer to me.

You are accusing me unfairly.

I am dead tired.


This seems very difficult!

They didn't understand me.

The scientists assembled dozens of temperature records from multiple studies, including data from sediment cores drilled in lake bottoms and sea floors, and from ice cores.


I'm really impressed with the way Sekar plays the saxophone.

I wonder if you could help us.

Konrad is protecting himself.

The silence of the night comforts us.

Floyd hasn't said anything he wasn't supposed to say.


"I'm in a terrible hurry... for reasons I can't say," Dima replied to the woman. "Please, just let me try on that suit there."


The church is in the middle of the village.

True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings.

I'd like to do without commas, but 6 feels odd if it doesn't have commas.


Some people think I'm weak-willed.

When the forest is gone, birds and small mammals that lived there have to find new homes - if they can.

After Rhonda and Naim read a few verses from their religious text, they remained noncommittal, but when Takao happened to mention that he had learned a lot from his grandparents about their early life, the missionaries could scarcely contain their excitement.

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Tickets are now on sale for $30.

Jurevis has already made up his mind.

He likes a walk.

Don't make this harder on yourself.

Mick is by far the smartest kid in our class.


Pull up to the curb.

We can not learn Japanese without learning Kanji.

First, make sure the information's correct.

Tell me all you know in connection with this.

I suggested that to them.


There's still so much I want to say to Pantelis.

I have no experience.

No matter how tired I am, I have to work.


Stanley might not like Mexican food.

I have kept company with her for about 10 years.

I am at the theater watching the opera.

Lievaart wasn't strong enough.

Where are you going to stay in the States?

Orangutans have been observed using sticks to pry nutritious seeds from prickly.

Does Lex know he was adopted?

I can see how that might be annoying.

I want the address.

Winnie went shopping with Sheila last weekend.

He is used to that type of situation.


The scenery's supposed to be breathtaking.

He sang while working.

His job is driving a sight-seeing bus.

That man sure knows how to troll.

Stick to your plan.


Many reader reviews on Amazon are fake.