I really need to go.

I cry every time I watch this movie.


Would that the thoughts in my head would come out like a receipt from a cash register.


I'm hoping to win.

It didn't have to be that way.

I'm going to get some more coffee.

He approached the station.

Our business in this world is not to succeed, but to continue to fail, in good spirits.

Father is now busy writing a letter.

I have two English books.

When will I see you next?

Hwa doesn't have the necessary skills for that job.

Holly's handwriting is very hard to read.

I think that I soon will go to sleep.


Do you like modern music?

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I like Dave because he is very kind.

You shouldn't feel bad.

I'm getting forgetful these days, but what can you do?

I've done this all my life.

She does it fast.

It is true that Aristotle distinguishes the tyrant from the king by the fact that the former governs in his own interest, and the latter only for the good of his subjects; but it would follow from Aristotle's distinction that, from the very beginning of the world, there has not yet been a single king.

I'm done with you.

He always makes a ready answer.

Come on, wake up.

I like math, it's an interesting subject matter.

Being alone sucks.

She was advised by him not to go there by herself.

Can you spare me a few minutes of your time?


Perhaps I'll like this book.


She cut a tomato into slices.

I have a nodding acquaintance with him.

Has anything been unclear so far?

The farmer cultivates a variety of crops.

I'm holding in my hands a book by Susanna Tamaro.

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She is a doxy.

My father often washes the dishes.

A haiku is one type of poem.


Arabic is written from right to left.

Has he finished his homework yet?

All of them are not present.

I couldn't get it done.

The line's been busy all day.

Can there be a computer intelligent enough to tell a joke?

Let's ask the boy who lives next door.

Mario is strapped into a high chair.

It'll definitely rain.

Does that mean that the boy's parents can be charged with child neglect?

Even though I know so little about her, I think I'm in love.

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He was the first man in history to do this.

She lived next door to us.

I never got caught.

You're not really a millionaire, are you?

It's a pleasure to meet you, sir.

Someone always sees through their disguises.

Claudio knew me.

My hair refuses to sort out this morning.

Add two ounces of grated cheese.


The traffic accident delayed the cars last night.

I thought you had come on business.

What can be the meaning of this?

Your task will be to train the employees on the new computer system.

I need details about her for my upcoming interview with her.

I have a high opinion of him.

He is looked up to for his breadth of mind.


Don't bother taking an umbrella with you.

Like many other students, Amanda rides a bicycle to school.

It looks like you've gone out of the frying pan and into the fire.


I've never seen him around here.

Jimmy pulled out his wallet and showed his license to the police officer.

Claire put me up for a night.


Both Guido and Nancy look great.

I'm not sure what else I need to do.

He's a former student of mine.

This hat is yours.

Fresh coffee will be ready in a minute.

You talked to us, right?

Soohong isn't happy about this.

Can I wait for him here?

Surya had to tell Hilda the truth.

It's the first time I swallow a peach pit!

Don't eat to excess.

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She spoke scarcely a word of English.

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Is there any water in the pot?


There's just something about him.

Bill is completely unlike his brother.

Sean sewed the button back on.

The cat has just stuck it's claw in my arm.

Stay on this side of the yellow line.

Meditation helps downshifting more easily after work and sleeping better at night.

The countries terminated friendly relations.

My brother did it on my behalf.

She doesn't have many friends.

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I forgot to call Mr. Ford.

Why don't you just tell Carter you don't like him.

We're psyched.

Are the pearls real or fake?

You must help her, and soon!


Culture makes a man free.


Did you speak with your wife?

Aqua expresses the colour of clear water, it is a bright, and light, blue.

Did Jinchao really move to Boston?

I'm sorry, my mother's not at home.

I just clipped my nails.


I think I'll be going home now.

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That probably wouldn't be appropriate.

Didn't you take also another picture?

Put your finger on this.

Oh, could you please get the phone for me?

A cold wave passed over Japan.


It's fun to hang out with him.

Lou is lonely and unhappy.

He can speak ten languages.

The noise kept me from sleeping last night.

Byron and Hotta are angry.

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The radio didn't inform about the accident.

This isn't your fight.

He has a platinum credit card.

They were drawn to each other like magnets.

What's this sound?

Greek banks could soon run out of money.

Do you want to see him again?

Take it home if you want.

Viking helmets with horns aren't in style in Scandinavia anymore.


Why is Facebook so famous?

The little child drools whenever he hears of something delicious.

Jeffery doesn't have any teaching experience.


Why don't you do something useful and get me some coffee?

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Her face reddened as he sang to her.

Stu can wait for me here.

I think you should talk to him.


Every Monday, I have a one-on-one meeting with my manager.

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New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art is also known as "The Met."

Michael Phelps is now the most decorated Olympian of all time.

We don't have time to help Surya.

I'll wait thirty more minutes.

How many caves are there in this area?


Blayne is a fantastic cook.

What time can you come?

You took the sheep to the market.


It's hard to complain against such good people.

Could you call again later, please?

I don't want to walk with you.


She told us that we must call a doctor immediately.


We'll figure out how to solve the problem later.

Dan didn't even drive Linda home.

You're grounded for a month.

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My older sister is a female ninja.

What does Justin intend to do about it?

Maybe I should do it.

Fernando is faster than you. Can you confirm you understand that message?

Eddie said he had a slight cold.

To speak English well is difficult.

Should I ask her?

He asked my pardon.

I have to go tell them.


Carolyn doesn't want to compromise.

It is now in the best condition.

His mother felt ashamed for him.

The box was so heavy that the old woman had to help to carry it home.

David thinks Galen should apologize to John for not doing what she said she'd do.

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Laurence forgot to bring his camera.

Many children are fussy about eating foods with certain textures.

To put it bluntly, your sweat smells awful.


Bill will often sing in the toilet.