Mid-Atlantic Star Party
Has been canceled.

It is with a sadness that this decision has been made. It was made including the counsel of others.

Pre-registration checks are being returned.

Search for alternatives; Staunton River Star Party, Peach State Star Gaze

My rational making this decision includes:

Having failed to secure an acceptable permanent site for MASP
with an ever growing light dome from surrounding areas,
lack of 24 hr a day on site food service,
failure to manage light shielding from traffic,
the economic stress on some attendees,
my personal distractions including a search for new farm,
declining attendance,
no vendors last year,
competing observing events,
and the expectation of another failed masp should weather be less than spectacular.

Star party (stär pär'tI) n. [AS. steorra + OF. partie] A congenial gathering of astronomers, photographers, scientists, and other night owls; convened in a dark place with hope of clear skies for the purpose of admiring creation.